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Struggling to get to grips with MailChimp?

You need…


Getting the most from MailChimp and your email marketing isn’t easy. That’s why we’re here. With the help of the largest online community of MailChimp users, we help you get more from MailChimp, through training, advice, support, or just by doing it for you. As a member of Chimp Answers, you’ll be part of the biggest MailChimp community online and benefit from exclusive advice and guidance on making MailChimp work for you. Request an invitation today…

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Get More From MailChimp

You use MailChimp because it’s the world’s biggest email marketing system

You know it can support and grow your business and can be the backbone of your marketing.

…but there are times you think you should be getting more…

Are you getting the most from it?

MailChimp is a fantastic system – make it fantastic for your business

Chimp Answers offers leading MailChimp Training, Consultancy & Support and is behind the world’s biggest MailChimp support group on Facebook.

MailChimp is the world’s biggest email marketing tool, and when used effectively, can help your sell more, improve customer relations and increase your bottom line.

Stop struggling with your email marketing, and learn how to capture, cultivate and convert leads effectively

Your MailChimp Questions… Answered

Chimp Answers is one of the leading MailChimp Training organisations in the UK, and is behind the largest UK MailChimp Facebook Support Group.

Chimp Answers delivers effective MailChimp training and consultancy to business users, through engaging and powerful training courses delivered both online and in person… and done so with a focus on YOUR BUSINESS.

MailChimp is a tool – it’s what you use it for and how it fits with the rest of your marketing that really matters – which is why we’re just as much marketers as MailChimp experts – so you not only get the skills and expertise, but more importantly, how to apply them successfully in your business.

We know Marketing… we know MailChimp… and combined they can be a fantastic part of your business.

Our Training

Training is about enabling you to make the most of the tools involved. Our MailChimp Training is designed to help you not only understand MailChimp, but more importantly, be able to apply it in a business successfully. Training is offered in several different styles to allow you to find the right method for you.

121 Training

Individual In-person Training. Ideal for individuals and small teams with specific requirements who want results fast.

Online Training

Want to learn at your own pace? Our online courses let you learn on your own timescale and focus on your individual needs.

Classroom Training

Live Group Training held in convenient locations around the UK. Get the training you need with a real MailChimp Expert.

In-House Training

Offering training to groups and companies? We run MailChimp training courses for all types of organisations.

Remote Training

Individual Training using the power of the internet. Develop your skills through a 1-2-1 conference direct to your computer.

MailChimp Consultancy

Sometimes, you just want someone to do it for you. We can do that too, making sure MailChimp is set up correctly in your business.

You are one of over 10 million MailChimp users worldwide…

…but you can’t shake the feeling it should be easier… and you could get more from it…

It should be easier than this” you probably tell yourself.

“I should know how to use it more effectively”

You could be…

…struggling to grasp the fundamentals of sending out regular emails to your customers and prospects.

…already sending regular newsletters, but wondering how you could get better results.

…wondering how to really take advantage of ‘marketing on automatic,’ where things happen without you having to lift a finger.

No matter your level of knowledge or skill, MailChimp can really help you to grow your business, build better relationships with customers and prospects alike and put your marketing on autopilot…

…if only you knew how to do it!

You’ve scoured the MailChimp website, trying to understand how it works, how to do some of the things you want to do, and yet still struggle to get the answers you need.

That’s where Chimp Answers can help.

Not only do we know the system intimately, but we use it every day ourselves to develop and grow ours and our customers businesses.

…in fact we ONLY USE MAILCHIMP… so we know exactly what it’s capable of (and also it’s shortcomings.)

…and because we’re marketers first and MailChimp geeks second, we know the difference between the stuff you need to know to grow… and the stuff that isn’t important.

All this means we deliver business focused training and support to entrepreneurs who really want to grow through using email marketing and MailChimp.