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That picture above…

That’s my inbox at the moment.

I was so popular yesterday.  So many people telling me how valued I am and that I really needed to be on their list… and how they’ve got a shiny new privacy policy to show me.



my inbox has become the equivalent of the Home Alone house when everyone left for the airport…

I’m like Kevin… wondering where everyone has gone…

Kevin disappear

OK… hopefully things will revert to the norm now… right?

Well, not if you want to succeed with your email marketing…

No matter your approach to GDRP, if you use email marketing you need to use GDPR as a springboard to something better.

Whether you went the “full consent” route or just a Legitimate Interest statement… you’ve told people they matter to you.

…being on your email list is something of value.

You’ve made a promise… and it’s time to start thinking about how you can meet that promise.

So don’t sit there all smug because you’ve got a big list and used Legitimate Interest for them all… or worried because your list has halved.

Your list is now your list.  It’s potentially the biggest asset you have in your business.

Work out how you can deliver on that promise… and make it worth your prospects while to be on your list.

…I know I will be.