"Go on... tell me about it!"

In our own words... the Chimp Answers Story

A not so long time ago, in a galaxy a little closer than you’d think, a baby was born.

His parentage, an unholy mix of geek and marketer, making him a half-blood.

…51% marketer, 49% geek

He was shunned by geeks and marketers alike for not being of pure blood.

The ability to combine big picture thinking from his marketing side, yet have the ability and understanding to actually implement in detail was seen as blasphemy and he was made an outcast.  

For years he searched for sanctuary, where his unique skillset could be appreciated.

Big business, small business, agency, and client, he searched, continuously honing skills and developing new ones.

Understanding new software, new tools and researching the right ones for businesses.

…until he found security and an opportunity to throw off the chains and limitations and embrace his potential.

Since discovering his calling, he’s devoted himself fully to his lineage… seeking out businesses great and small, offering his services to help them both strategise and plan for success,

…but never taming his geek and his innate understanding of how to actually put things into practice and make them work.

During his journey he even adopted a chimp, one who he uses to really help those in need of a system and structure.

…and he became quick an expert at working with the chimp, managing to tame him and know how to make him work effectively for businesses.

…and he continuous to search for a place where the marketer and geek are fully accepted.

Where people need help with their marketing strategy… and an understanding of how to implement it. 

Always hunting for ways to help businesses succeed with their marketing. 

His trusty chimp sidekick at his side every step of the way.

The End… (or the beginning)

As you can see… we like to make sure we’re not taking ourselves too seriously here at Chimp Answers.

…and the ability to laugh at yourself is important.

When you’re working with clients on a day to day basis, the ability to continue to deliver fantastic ideas and plans is important… but the ability to relate and have some fun on the way is just as important.

We hope you get where we’re coming from!

…and if you want the full story… read on.

Hi, I’m Robin Adams, and I’m the “marketer/geek” hybrid in question.

Ever since my dad got me a computer at the age of 11 I’ve been into technology… and because I’ve a logical approach to things, I saw how things connected and worked together.

…which works well for me in a world where technology is an essential part of marketing.

If you’re interested in qualifications I got a Marketing degree (back when there were only a handful of universities doing Marketing – don’t let my youthful looks deceive you!), and did an MBA whilst working full time.

…but I’m not big into qualifications… in fact I question whether universities today can keep up with the speed of development in the marketing world.

I’ve spent my adult life working in a wide variety of businesses, exclusively in marketing and sales, both for clients and agencies.

…and in 2011 set up my own business, to help others get more from their marketing.

I’ve built websites … but I’m not a web designer

I’ve filmed and edited videos… but i’m not a videographer

I’ve written copy and articles galore… but I’m not a copywriter

I’ve created graphics and logos… but I’m not a designer

I’m the experience of all of these and more… packed in with years and years of marketing experience and strategy.

So that’s me.

I play golf, I’ve taught scuba diving and been a published underwater photographer, I’m a huge American sports fan. I like both cats and dogs. I enjoy cooking.

…but I am and always will be a curious blend of marketing and geek – and I love it!