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…for marketing agencies looking to support their existing services

You don’t have to be an expert in everything you do…

Digital Marketing is a fast moving and intense arena, with new developments and technologies continuing to appear on the horizon.  As a marketing agency, how do you ensure you stay on top of everything?

The simple answer is you can’t.  Which is why finding strategic partners that you can work with who have their own individual expertise, is the way to progress and stay ahead of the curve.

As an experienced and proven Mailchimp/email marketing agency, we can help take care of that element of your service, no matter what your current situation is…

  • If you’re a “traditional” Marketing agency who is looking to bolster their services with Mailchimp & email marketing expertise.
  • If you’re a web design business who’s looking to offer additional services connecting up the websites you create with an effective email marketing solution.
  • If you’re currently a Mailchimp partner but have a need to outsource certain elements, whether it’s management, training or support.

How can we help? Here’s a few ideas of areas we can give you some extra resource & knowledge and save you some time:

  • Analysis – If you’re looking for an effective way of analysing a Mailchimp Account as a pre-cursor to restructuring and on-going management, our Mailchimp Medical is a perfect solution. We can work on your behalf to create a white labelled report which you can rebrand and use as a discussion starter with the client.
  • Done For You – Sometimes, you just need someone who knows what they are doing to take care of things so you can concentrate on what you’re good at. We can take the stress away from the email marketing/Mailchimp side of the equation with support to update/improve existing accounts or to manage them in line with your requirements ongoing.
  • Training – Whether you need to train members of your team, or clients on how to manage their Mailchimp set up more effectively, our training solutions should cover all your bases.

No matter where you are in the wide variety of agency types, when it comes to Mailchimp, Chimp Answers are a partner you can trust to support you and your clients on all things Mailchimp.

Why Choose Chimp Answers?

Here’s 3 key reasons why you should consider Chimp Answers as your best partner to help you develop and grow your email marketing activity

Certified and Approved by Mailchimp

We were one of the first 10 Mailchimp Pro Partners and have achieved all of Mailchimp’s certifications.

We’re Marketers as well as Chimps

Although we can’t deny we know Mailchimp intimately, first and foremost we’re marketers and bring years of experience to the table every project we’re involved in.

Our clients love us

We’ve glowing reviews and feedback from our clients on their experience in working with us.

These certifications are issued by Mailchimp. Only use fully certified and approved Mailchimp partners

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