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No matter what level you’re at when it comes to Mailchimp, there are always those nagging little things you need to get an answer to – but you aren’t sure they’re worth paying for someone to help you out with.

How can you find the answers you need without paying through the nose for them?.. and be sure that the person you’re listening to actually knows what they’re talking about!

Chimp Answers have one of the largest free resources for Mailchimp Answers on the internet and as certified Pro Partners and Experts, you can be sure we know what we’re talking about.

The “Fundies”

These are what we consider to be the “fundamental” articles on using Mailchimp effectively… if you’ve not checked them out yet… make sure you do!

Mailchimp Fundies


Why Mailchimp works best with one audience. Read >>>


How to segment your audience for success. Read >>>


How does Mailchimp’s database Actually work? Read >>>


How a Mailchimp Automation actually works. Read >>>


Best Practices for hitting the inbox. Read >>>

Marketing Fundies


Knowing the ‘who’ when it comes to your marketing. Read >>>

The Path

Where does email marketing fit in with other marketing activity? Read >>>


Planning for successful email marketing. Read >>>

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Testing An Automation

Testing An Automation

Testing an automation is as important as building one. You NEED to test so that you are confident they are gong to the right people at the right time. This Gmail ‘+’ hack will help.

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Subject Lines

Subject Lines

You’ve got to get your email opened… and a good subject lines is an essential part of your toolkit – use them right (and our suggestions) to get the open

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