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You’ve Got to Have a Process

Interconnected Steps A 70's board game can be an inspiration... Growing up in the UK in the '80s was a great experience for me. I was lucky, I lived in a quiet cul-de-sac, meaning I and my friends in the area were regularly out and about playing on the streets....

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Training Fail

How buying an online course could be hurting your business... A Tick In the Box A couple of months ago, I was excited and looking forward to attending a 2 day entrepreneur event up in London. ...a trip up to 'the smoke'... catch up with old friends and meet new...

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Be Somebody Else

Every wanted to be somebody else? If you're an agency or a VA, running from someone else's account can be a challenge at times - especially when a campaign generates a load of "replies" to the address used to send it. That's why I use a false address and...

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Event Feedback Matters

Each quarter I attend a national meet up for Entrepreneurs in the UK.  It’s for an organisation I’ve been part of for over 4 years and is something I always look forward to. It’s an opportunity to catch up with friends and colleagues in similar situations...

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Learn to Love MailChimp

When I was 13 years old, ...I started watching American Football on Channel 4 in the UK.  It was on Sunday evenings and it was either that or religious programming, and being a teenage boy, the choice wasn’t hard. Apart from my Grandparents living in Long...

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MailChimp Training – Dates

I'll be running two 1 day MailChimp training courses in the last 2 weeks of October close to Woking in Surrey. Kickstart MailChimp - Tuesday 17th Oct Stop wasting time and energy trying to teach yourself something.  Spend a concentrated day SuperCharge...

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Video Walkthrough – Missing First Name

When I was a kid... I loved watching Cheers.  Norm, Sam, Cliff, Carla... it was the place where everybody knew your name. ...but sometimes, you don't know their name... and when it comes to email personalisation... how do you manage that? Well, it's a...

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Video – Lists, Groups, Fields & Segments

Looking for the key? One thing that always come up when i'm running training courses is the data management side of things. ...which is why I recorded a video on the keys to data management in MailChimp, i.e. when to use Lists, Groups, Fields and Segments....

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