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my name is Robin Adams and over the last 7 years, I’ve helped businesses get more from their MailChimp Account through tips, training and implementation.

Nearly 3 years ago, I launched the MailChimp Answers Facebook Group which has now grown to become the biggest online community of MailChimp users in the world.

As the group grew, and people joined with their specific MailChimp queries, I realised that there was a consistent number of enquiries that were focused not on the mechanics, but wanting to know the right way to set up a MailChimp Account for sales and profit.

As a marketing consultant, i help businesses every day build marketing systems to develop and grow their business with MailChimp and email marketing at the core of it.

…and that’s where the idea for the Chimp Answers Business Academy grew from.

Nowadays, it’s so easy to get the technical answers to your MailChimp questions… whether it’s in the community I set up, searching Google, or watching a video on YouTube.

…but getting the answers not just on the technology, but the right way to use it, and how to ensure that it’s supporting your business and adding value (and not just sucking time and money away)

How do you know that you’ve optimised your MailChimp Account for Business Success?

Having reviewed hundreds of MailChimp Accounts, I’ve identified the best way to set it up for business success… and now I want to show you how to do it for your MailChimp system.

…because if you’re not using MailChimp to grow your business… what’s the point?

Robin Adams – The MailChimp Guy & Chief Chimp

The Chimp Answers Business Academy – What’s included?

When you join CABA, you’ll receive access to our exclusive Facebook Group and a secret membership area of the Chimp Answers website:

In the Facebook Group, you’ll get direct access to me and my skillset to help you get more from your email marketing through MailChimp.

I’ll be doing two regular Facebook Lives exclusively to this group each week… 

  • One will focus on a specific Theme within MailChimp, such as email design, welcome emails, and landing pages
  • The other will be an open Q&A session where I’ll do my best to give you answers you need to succeed at MailChimp.

Both will be recorded and kept within both the group and the membership area for future access and review.

and of course, I’ll be regularly posting and giving insights into making more of MailChimp.

In the Membership Area, will be all the videos that I create to guide you on your MailChimp journey.

All the Facebook lives will be stored here so you can review them at your leisure

There will also be content and “how to” videos on different aspects of MailChimp

…and of course as members, you get to request new videos on the challenges you are facing.


Plus you’ll get VIP Access to future courses and training that I develop.

As a Founder member of the Chimp Answers Business Academy, you can get initial access to the group and membership area for just $14.99 a month.

Why Chimp Answers?

We’re MailChimp users

You can’t claim to be an expert if you don’t use it yourself. We use MailChimp every day and it’s the only Email Marketing tool we use… so we don’t just talk the talk… we walk the walk…

MailChimp and Marketing

MailChimp isn’t everything. It only works as part of a bigger plan, and as marketers we understand how to combine MailChimp into your overall marketing strategy.

The Right Answers for you

Everyone is at a different level when it comes to their MailChimp knowledge, which is why we offer a wide variety of solutions, whether you want to do it yourself, be guided or just let us do it for you.

Our Community of Chimps

We run the world’s biggest Facebook Group of MailChimp users with over 5,000 other users who can help and support you on your journey to Chimp-vana.

Where it is natural that any delegate to a Mailchimp course wants to be able to send an email, Robin's approach is far more strategic and really challenges you to think about the best approach to manage your email list, how data reaches your mailchimp list, and then moves forward as to what emails are to be sent to this list and then how to craft that mail. Such an approach goes well beyond expectations.

Andrew Nash

Owner, Sussex Promotions

Robin popped round for a day's intensive private session to help me move my Mail Chimp from an ad hoc messy thing into a finely honed precision machine that I may be able to sell on to team mates.

We worked really well together, got the outline worked out and structure in place. Robin has assisted with a few bits when I got stuck working on my own. Highly delighted with the results. Thanks Robin!

Dave Goodman

Owner, Clever Little Pig

Robin delivered an amazing course on how to use Mailchimp Effectively. I attended expecting to hear things I already knew. Thankfully, I could not have been more wrong. Robin was extremely well prepared for the session and has a great rapport with the group. He got right into the important things that i and I'm sure many others missed when setting up their accounts. He was more than happy to divert from the course content to ensure that he answered any questions that were thrown at him. I am hoping to implement as much as possible that I have learnt from him. I just wish I could listen to his wisdom every day. I would definitely recommend that if you have the opportunity to listen to Robin, you should grab it with both hands.

Damian McGill

Partner, Pauley Business Services


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