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Benefits of Membership

Mailchimp Foundations

Mailchimp doesn’t come with an instruction manual, which is why we created the Mailchimp Foundations Training Course. Whether your new to Mailchimp or want to get back on the right path, the Foundations course will set you up for success and build foundations for your future email marketing efforts.

Monthly Office Hours

Getting answers to your questions can be hard, which is why every month we’ll be running an exclusive, members only Office Hours webinar. Submit your questions and get the details and insights you need for your situation to get Mailchimp & email marketing working for your business.

The Insider Insights Email

Email marketing & Mailchimp is changing rapidly, so sometimes it’s hard to keep up with what’s working (and not), which is why every week you’ll get an email from us with insights and advice on getting more from your Mailchimp & email marketing which you can take and apply yourself to get immediate results. 

Email Reviews

How do you know that the email you’re sending is going to work? All Insiders can request an email review as part of their membership – send us your email and we’ll reply back with a short video review, letting you know what’s good, what’s not so good and how to make it much more effective.

Office Hours Archive

Sometimes you’ve got the same questions that others have asked, which is why all Office Hours will be recorded and available for review in our online portal. Not only can it answer the questions you need answering, but answer questions you didn’t even know you needed to ask!

The Insider Archives

Chimp Answers have produced lots of different materials, and we’ve collected them into the archive, where you can hunt for best practices and ideas on getting more from Mailchimp & Email Marketing. Insights, Downloads, Videos and Podcasts are all here to help you on your way (and we’re always adding more!) 

What is the Chimp Insider?

No matter if you’re completely new to Mailchimp looking to get started on the right track, or a seasoned Mailchimper looking for best practice advice and tips, the Chimp Insider has everything you need to get your email marketing on the right path.​

Membership comes with all you need to take your email marketing forward, including our Mailchimp Foundations training course (hands down, the #1 best course for getting yourself on the right track with Mailchimp), regular Live Office Hours where you can get your own questions answered (and all are recorded to review later), the Insider Insights weekly email keeping you up to date and introducing new ideas you can apply yourself, Email Reviews giving you insights into your emails and how to make them better and the Insider Archive where all previous training and resources are kept.

The Chimp Insider is all you need to generate more leads, opens, clicks and revenue from Mailchimp & Email Marketing.


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