Thanks for the info

Look out for the NDA in your email to progress your Chimp Check-up

Many thanks for providing the information we need to proceed with your Chimp Check-Up.

Assuming we’ve not spotted anything that would prevent things progressing, you should shortly receive a Non-Disclosure Agreement from us via email.

If you can please complete this digital document as soon as possible, we’d appreciate it so that we can progress to the next step of the Chimp Check-up – requesting access to your account.

For your information, on completion of the NDA, the request to access your account will come via Mailchimp and we request that we get access at Admin level (we can’t complete the Check-Up without this!).

…and once we’ve got that sorted, we can get to the good stuff – the actual Check-Up.

Thanks again for your support

Robin Adams

Chimpmaster General


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