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Learn from someone who pushes the limits of MailChimp every single day

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Training courses delivered on a 121 or group basis and either live or via video

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Focused On Your Business Needs

Get the expert insights you need to make MailChimp work for your business

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Post session support and tips along with the world’s biggest MailChimp family

Put your hand in my hand… and I’ll show you the way

Experts are experts for a reason.

They study their subject daily, working out how to make the most of their ever expanding knowledge and how to apply it to a wide variety of situations.

…and the best thing you can do for your business is invest in some time with an expert.

Which is why investing in guided training is the #1 way for business owners to learn the skills they need, either on a direct, 121 basis, in a group or even over a video conference.

If you can do it, why wouldn’t you spend time with an expert?

As the Chief Chimp at Chimp Answers, I spend pretty much all my time working with MailChimp.

I don’t use any other email marketing system (unlike some experts!), which means time spent with me will get you what you really need to know – not just what a training has been told to say.

…and when you invest in that time, you don’t just get insights from a MailChimp Maestro… you tap into a lifetime of marketing experience

Which means your time is not just about learning the nuts and bolts of MailChimp, but learning how to apply it to your business and the bigger world successfully.

So your chances on getting an amazing return on investment improve dramatically.

Done With You sessions can be delivered either in person or via video conference, so don’t let the fact that I’m based in the UK limit your potential learning.

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What are the options?

There are also several formats that this training can be delivered:

  • 1-2-1 – The best way to learn MailChimp. Grab a 121 session and be rest assured you’ll get the insight for your own situation and the right things to do for your business.
  • Group – I run several group training sessions over the length of a year.  These are usually in a day-long format and offer a basic foundation, or more advanced skills. Group training is more cost effective, but you lose the chances for tailored information (not that I’ll try and answer every question you ask in each session!)
  • Corporate – If you’re a business who has several staff involved in using MailChimp, or are a membership organisation looking to training your members, a complete bespoke training solution can be developed, just for you.

Done With You means getting it done right

In my experience, if you can’t afford to get an expert to do it for you, the next best thing is to learn from one.

Whether you need a full days immersive training on a 121 basis, to learn in a group situation with users of a similar level, a quick 1 hour chat over video conference, or even a custom session for you and your team, getting MailChimp training from an expert is the right way to go.

Don’t spend time learning from a load of monkeys, spend your time better with the Chief Chimp!

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I thought the whole session was excellent. We covered more than I thought we would and Robin took time to understand my business, my capabilities and what I wanted to achieve. He made it easy for me to follow and the practical run throughs were brilliant. I really did learn something that will be valuable to my business.

Amanda Rees

Owner, Bumpalicious Maternity

Robin popped round for a day's intensive private session to help me move my Mail Chimp from an ad hoc messy thing into a finely honed precision machine that I may be able to sell on to team mates.

We worked really well together, got the outline worked out and structure in place. Robin has assisted with a few bits when I got stuck working on my own. Highly delighted with the results. Thanks Robin!

Dave Goodman

Owner, Clever Little Pig