From Inbox to Engagement:Insights from ZeroBounce’s Latest Survey

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Mar 26, 2024

      Don’t you just love a new nugget of wisdom?

      Here at Chimp Answers, we know the value of key email marketing  insights for businesses like yours to elevate their email marketing strategies. 

      Which is why we couldn’t wait but tell you all about the latest survey conducted by ZeroBounce, a leading platform for email validation and deliverability.

      The Into the Inbox: Email Statistics Report for 2024

      Picture this: insights gathered from a whopping 657 people spanning four continents.

      The survey covered everything  to help you explore your subscriber’s email usage, preferences on content as well as how (if) they avoid the dreaded Unsubscribe and Spam Triggers.

      Because at the end of the day, understanding your subscribers isn’t just about sending emails—it’s about building real connections. This starts by understanding their inbox behavior, likes and dislikes, and everything else.

      Armed with this information you’ll be crafting campaigns so engaging,they will hold the attention of your audience from the initial subject line all the way to the call-to-action. 

      You’ll know exactly what resonates with your subscribers, allowing you to tailor your content to their preferences and behaviors.

      Get ready to see your engagement rates skyrocket when you deliver emails that actually connect with your subscribers at a deeper level.

      So keep reading and we’ll explain to you:

      • How you can  get into the minds of prospects and see how they use email
      • How to elevate and improve your email approach—and enjoy increased click rates and conversions
      • Actionable insights and recccomendations if you’re looking to optimise your email marketing strategy (I mean come on…who isn’t?)

      Be a DORC

      Here at Chimp Answers we are big advocates of the Dorc Strategy which stands fro DELIVERABILITY, OPENABILITY, READABILITY and CLICKABILITY.


      Because No matter what you do, every email follows a path. 

      The initial step is always to make sure the reader’s mail hits the inbox, but what happens then?

      What sort of content should you send?

      How frequently should you send?

      Does the length of your email really matter?

      It’s the tiniest elements that have the potential to enhance your audience engagement. 

      However, in order to understand these questions ( to optimise your strategies) you first need to understand your subscribers’ thought process and preferences.

      So keep reading where we’ll break down what subscribers actually think, and show you how to use those results to make some changes. 

      1.Email is a BIG part of your daily routine

      With 88% of participants using email daily, it matters a lot.

      The survey found that a  large majority of users checked their emails at least 5 times a day.

      Whilst 22% admitted checking their emails over 20 times a day.

      (I proudly stick my hand up to the above!  #️emailgeek)

      Even out of a daily routine and taking that long-awaited holiday, only a mere 6% avoided checking your emails.

      Key Lesson: Email continues to be an important form of communication providing plenty of possibilities for engagement. However, it’s important to remain consistent  to keep your subscribers interest and loyalty.

      2. Not much time is spent checking emails 

      Despite being a big part of their daily routine, only a small percentage devote a large amount of time to checking their email. 

      Key Lesson: With a limited time span – It’s crucial to capture your reader’s attention and fast!.

      Openability is what makes certain emails shine in a cluttered inbox, 

      It’s all about making a good first impression.

      Do this by nailing the perfect send times, creating catchy “From Names,” crafting intriguing subject lines and preview text, and experimenting with different strategies,

      3. The objective of checking your email is not just what you think

      To simplify their personal and work-related correspondence an average user has around 3 distinct email addresses. 

      Many of us check our emails for work-related issues but surprisingly 43% of respondents use email to stay connected with loved ones.

      Additionally, 40% of participants use email to search for discounts. 

      Email isn’t just a tool—it’s a gateway to meaningful connections, valuable savings, and endless possibilities.

      Key Lesson: Use this as an opportunity to leverage promotional offers as a means of engaging with your audience. Be consistent, be relevant but don’t bombard your subscribers. 

      4. Relevance is key

      A major 47% of participants said the reason they open brand emails consistently is because they receive relevant messages.

      If you want the open, you need to be relevant.

      Key lesson:  Be personal and segment your email list by dividing your subscribers into smaller groups based on shared characteristics or behaviours.

      Here are some ways to best segment your email list:

      1. Demographics: Segment subscribers based on their age, gender, location, or other demographic information.
      2. Behaviour: Segment subscribers based on their engagement with your emails, such as opens, clicks, and purchases.
      3. Interests: Segment subscribers based on their interests or preferences, such as their past purchases or the topics they’ve shown interest in.
      4. Lifecycle stage: Segment subscribers based on where they are in the customer journey, such as new subscribers, repeat customers, or inactive subscribers.
      5. Personalisation: Use subscriber data to personalise your email content, such as using their first name or referencing their past purchases.

       You can then increase relevancy, by making the email content more tailored and appealing to each segment. 

      More relevance equals more opens.

      5. If it looks like SPAM, It is.

      .A whopping 78% of participants can’t be wrong. They admitted to marking emails as spam if they “look like spam.”

      Additionally, 54% will report a message as spam if they did not give permission to be contacted, and 49% will file a spam complaint if there is no option to unsubscribe.

      Key Lesson: The content of your email still plays a significant role in determining whether it will end up in the recipient’s inbox or spam folder.

      Nobody is fond of shoddy design or unclear subject lines. It’s all about generating a positive first impression.

      Emails that contain spam words or deceptive subject lines such as “earn money fast” or “limited time only,” are more likely to end up in the spam folder. Additionally, emails with too many images or links can also be marked as spam.

      It  is also  essential to safeguard your sender reputation and deliverability.

      So how do improve deliverability?

      Following these 5 simple steps is an absolute must.

      1. Verification & Authentication
      2. List Quality
      3. Reputation
      4. Content and Format
      5. Testing

      Using the DORC method indirectly boosts deliverability by improving recipient engagement and behaviours. When your emails are opened, read, and clicked, email service providers recognise their value, enhancing your sender reputation.

      6. Content trumps over length

      More than half the respondents of the survey outlined a preference for short emails. Interestingly enough, 28% actually prioritise the relevance of the content over the length.

      This highlights the significance of providing concise yet important messages that resonate with your audience. It’s more than just being brief; it’s also about providing value that is actually meaningful to your audience.

      Key Lesson: Email length doesn’t always matter as long as the content  is relevant.

      7. Mobile is dominant

      The majority (61%) of people who were surveyed said that they primarily check their email on their mobile devices.

      Key Lesson:You need to optimise your messages for mobile. This means structuring your email messages in a way that’s easy to read, comprehend,digest and open.

      Once you’ve done that,get in the habit of testing each campaign to guarantee it is properly displayed on all devices.

      Final Thoughts

      By taking note of the insights from ZeroBounce’s survey, you have the ability to turn your campaigns from ordinary to spectacular. 

       Use this as a chance to experiment with fresh strategies and continuously refine your approach based on the changing needs and preferences of your subscribers. 

      Keep in mind the principles of the DORC strategy—Deliverability, Openability, Readability, and Clickability. By understanding the behaviours and preferences of your subscribers and applying these principles, you can enhance the engagement and effectiveness of your email marketing 

      Remember, email marketing is not a one-size-fits-all. It’s something that requires constant adaptation and innovation.

       But with the right insights at your disposal, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. 

      Liz Seymour

      Liz Seymour

      Queen Chimp Of Marketing

      Cheesy as it sounds, Liz is the biz when it comes to  Mailchimp & Email Marketing.

      She's worked in Marketing for around 20 years when she went to uni and studied Multimedia Technology…That's where her love affair with all things Marketing began. 

      Since then she has worked for household names such as Wickes, The Rank Group, Nuffield Health, Snappy Snaps and Marriot. Not to mention a great variety of businesses and agencies.

      Here at Chimp Answers she deals with all things Marketing focusing on the Content and Copywriting side of things such as Blog posts, Emails and landing pages. Liz is Certified in Direct-Response Copywriting, Google Digital Marketing Fundamentals,Hubspot Inbound Marketing,Hubspot Social Media and Mailchimp Foundations.

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