Monthly Mastermind Review

Remember, how you frame this report is how Mastermind will go…  

So make sure you focus on the positives, and if something hasn’t happened, be honest, but positive about what you’re going to do about it

Don’t let this report dictate what happens in the session, rather make sure the session is what you want it to be on – and thus this report supports your objectives…

  • What have been your wins for the month that you are most proud of?
  • A BRIEF update on your key numbers against your target/goal
  • Update on your commitments. I know these are on the spreadsheet but report back in one of two words – DONE/NOT DONE
  • Describe where you are spending most of your time/efforts – this will help us understand your current challenges
  • What’s been the key learning since the last meeting that will bring value to the other members of the group
  • What are do you think you need help with towards achieving your goal?