Video: How to add someone as an Admin/Manager

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In a world of GDPR, data protection and privacy issues, the last thing you should consider doing is giving someone your MailChimp password.

You could argue it’s like giving someone the only set up keys to your front door.

It’s much safer to add them to your existing MailChimp account and choose the level of access they have, so that further down the track, you can remove them without any issues.

In this video you’ll learn how to add someone to your MailChimp account.

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No matter the business, I’d set up individual access for each account user using this method. That way, if someone moves on, or is moved to a different department, their access can be removed without any issues.

In addition, if you are using external businesses to help your on your MailChimp journey, such as an Agency or a Virtual Assistant, this will give an extra layer of protection.

…and if you’re a Agency/VA, this is how you should be handling client accounts – you should not have access to their central account, but be set up as either a manager or admin, depending on what you are doing.

Thanks for watching and hope you found it useful.


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