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How to Automatically Archive Unsubscribed Contacts

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Jun 7, 2024

A few years ago, Mailchimp updated how it charged for it’s services and created a problem that we’re still all battling today.

Previously, you were charged based on the number of Subscribers you had in your Mailchimp Account, which made sense considering that Mailchimp was just an email program.

…but then came postcards and facebook ads, and then SMS and CRM options… and consequently, Mailchimp changed this so that you paid for the total number of subscribers, unsubscribed AND non-subscribed contacts in your system (n.b. you don’t get charged for cleaned contacts).

(note… unsubscribed means they’ve opted out of emails from you, non-subscribed means they’ve likely come into Mailchimp from an e-commerce platform but not signed fully up for email marketing, cleaned means the email doesn’t work and Mailchimp won’t send to it)

We can argue the merits of this change another time, the fact is that if you’re on a Standard, Essentials or Free account, subscribers, non-subscribers and unsubscribed contacts go against your account allocation.

…and if you’re only using Mailchimp for email marketing (and not the other elements mentioned), then you could be paying more than you should.

You need to Archive your unsubscribes

For most of us who are just using Mailchimp for email, it means that we need to archive our unsubscribes/non-subscribes. This moves them into a dormant state, but keeps their info so if they ever resubscribe, they’ll be back into the system with all their old info.

Archiving is a simple process, but you need to do it every month to ensure you have a nice clean system… and you couldn’t automate it.

The fact you can’t automate this process is of major frustration for every Mailchimp user AND agency… Mailchimp doesn’t allow triggers in automations to start with “contact has unsubscribed”…

…but I’ve recently discovered a simple way where you can use “automation loops” to check on a regular basis and archive those unsubscribes automatically!

Want to know the automation that EVERY Mailchimp user should be looking to have set up… watch the video and learn the secret!

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