We are looking for Mailchimp Champs

Due to unprecedented growth over the last 6 months, Chimp Answers is hiring.

We’re looking for two specific types of Chimp…

Firstly, we need someone with great Mailchimp skills… 

They can join our team as part time support on some of the fun Mailchimp consultancy projects that we get involved with. who have the Mailchimp abilities we need, along with the attitude and friendliness to work direct with clients on these projects.

We’re not looking for any old chimps though, we need chimps who really know how to use Mailchimp for business – and know how to create full systems including things like automation and conditional blocks – so you need a combination of a bit of geek and a bit of marketing.

Secondly, we’re looking for a really geeky chimp!

A Developer who understand the Mailchimp and the Mailchimp API and who we can work with us handling more complex projects where direct connection between a clients business system and their Mailchimp account is required.

Are you the chimp we’re looking for?

Here’s what to do next…

If you’re interested and think you’ve got the skills for either role, then here’s what you need to do:

  • Create a simple landing page with some basic graphics/logos and an invitation for us to sign up.
  • An automated email response (set up from Mailchimp) to the sign up which is the “here’s what I can do/what i’ve done” email.
  • We’ll then review your email and if we think you’ve got the right fit about you, we’ll be in touch.

We’re doing this for a number of reasons…

  1. We need to know that you REALLY understand Mailchimp – sending a couple of newsletters is fine, but do you understand how far you can push Mailchimp – and so getting you to build a mini-system demonstrates you know you’re stuff.
  2. Saves our time in handling lots of emails from people who don’t have the skills and focuses on those that do!
  3. Gives you a chance to show off with stuff we know we need to be able to have access to… a simple email doesn’t convey enough.

It shouldn’t take you too long to do – we reckon if you know how Mailchimp works to the right level, it should only take you about an hour at the most, which we think is a reasonable commitment to get the ball rolling.

If you think this is for you then all you need to do is to create your system and then put your URL into the form here… this will automatically go to us and we can then go through the mini system you’ve built.

We will respond to everyone who applies, even if it’s to give hints/tips on things we like or things that could be improved on.

Thanks and look forward to learning about you and your skills…

Base requirements:

If you are interested in this opportunity then here’s the entry requirements to apply…

  • You need to be working with Mailchimp currently and (hopefully) have completed some form of Mailchimp certification.
  • You’ll ideally be based in the UK or North America
  • English is your first language.
  • You’ve already got income from your own clients (initially this will be project/part time)
  • Can allocate up to 10 hours a week to support

This is not a full time role (although we’re not saying it couldn’t become that in the future)… so would ideally fit a small agency/VA who know their stuff.


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