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Account Level

Are you on the right level for your usage?


Are you paying for contacts that you don’t use?


Do you have disengaged subscribers you can remove?

Chances are, you’re wasting money on your Mailchimp

Nobody loves Mailchimp as much as we do… but we don’t want to pay more than we should for our email marketing… and nor should you.

…Unfortunately, there are many organisations out there who use Mailchimp and are throwing money away…

They could be on the wrong account level

They could be paying for contacts they aren’t communicating with…

They could also be paying for zombies, contacts that should realistically be removed from the system as they’re disengaged…

Whatever the reason, they’re paying more than they should and consequently chucking bundles of cash into the bin.

“Where’s the money gone???”

"...they were spending almost $5,000 too much each year"

"...they were spending almost $5,000 too much each year"

Robin Adams - Chimp Answers

After reviewing one of our prospects’ Mailchimp accounts, we realised that they were on completely the wrong account level, had a bad database set up with multiple duplicate and dead audiences, and had a massively disengaged audience.  A few quick clicks and we’d immediately saved them over $350 a month and with further recommendations could save even more – reducing their annual bill by almost $5,000.

Excited woman with a letter | Mailchimp Top Tips

“Thank the lord, I’ve finally got the answers I need”

We’ve looked at hundreds of Mailchimp accounts, and in nearly 90% of them, we’ve found opportunities to save money, ranging between $200 and $5,000 over a year’s subscription.

We know that Mailchimp’s pricing can be a bit confusing, so we’ve decided to offer a FREE service to help ensure you’re not wasting any money on things you don’t need.

Our FREE Chimp Check-up reviews your account level, your data set-up, and engagement and gives you advice on what you should do to reduce your monthly costs.

We can’t guarantee everyone who gets a Chimp Check-Up will save money… but chances are most will!


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How it works

Once you request a Chimp Check-Up, we follow a simple 4 step process to get you the insights on your account you need to know if you’re paying more than you should:

  1. You provide us with a more detailed information about your set up and organisation.
  2. We send over a Non-Disclosure Agreement to give you confidence as we need to have full access to your account.
  3. We request Access to your account so we can review the account
  4. We follow up with results of the Check-Up and advice on what to do next.

…and then we can either help you make the changes, or you can make them yourself.

Every step of the process is tracked and you’ll receive updates and reminders via email to know what’s next to get things sorted.

Robin knows his stuff on emails and marketing… he got me moving in the right direction quickly and accelerated my knowledge

Ash Taylor

Business Owner, The Implementation Coach

Who is the Chimp Check-Up for?

The Chimp Check-Up is a service that helps paying Mailchimp customers potentially save money on their account, and so if you’re currently on a free account, then there is no benefit in signing up.

In addition, if you’ve recently upgraded to paying, or have signed up to Mailchimp at a paying level, then it’s likely we’ll not be able to identify any significant savings at this stage.

Also, the Chimp Check-Up is not set up for agencies who manage multiple Mailchimp accounts – if you are an agency and want to see how we can help you help your clients get more from Mailchimp, please drop us an email, we’d love to chat.

Ultimately, the more you pay for your Mailchimp account, the more you can potentially save, so the bigger your account, the more you’ll benefit from a Chimp Check-Up.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Chimp Check-Up

If you’ve got a question about the Chimp Check-Up, check out the FAQs… or if we haven’t answered your question here, drop us an email and we’ll answer it and add it to the list!

How do you manage access to the Mailchimp Account to be reviewed?

We request access to your account through our Mailchimp Agency Account, which means you don’t need to share any passwords or log-ins with us (in fact, you should NEVER share this information). It also means that once the Check-Up is completed, you can remove our access easily and without any issues. 

How much does it cost?

The Chimp Check-Up is a free service.  The only entry requirements are that you are a paying Mailchimp customer.

Do we need to give you full access to our Mailchimp Account?

Mailchimp doesn’t allow us to see the level of account you’re on without full Admin Access.  We understand that you may feel uncomfortable giving this level of access (we know we don’t let any Tom, Dick or Harry have access to our account!), which is why a Non-Disclosure Agreement is a key part of the process – giving you confidence in providing the level of access we need to complete the Chimp Check-Up.

What happens after the Chimp Check-Up is completed?

Once we complete the Chimp Check-Up, we’ll send over our commentary and the next steps for you to take to address anything we pick up.

After this, you can make the changes yourself, or if there is additional stuff we’ve spotted which might need addressing we can set up a follow-up call to discuss how to handle this.

If there’s nothing else, then you can go in and remove us from the account easily.

How much money could we save?

Mailchimp set-ups vary, and how much you’ll save depends on how much you’re paying to start with. 

The most we’ve saved is nearly $5,000 per year, but on average you could save up to $250 per year… but it all depends on how good your set up is currently.

Do you make any changes to our Mailchimp Account during the Chimp Check-Up?

The Chimp Check-Up is purely to look and review your account. No changes will be made to the system at any point during the review.

Why do you need a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

The Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is in place to provide you with some security and peace of mind when we access your account.  It shows our commitment to ensure that nothing happens and that we won’t share your information with anyone else.

Who actually does the Chimp Check-Up?

The review of your account is carried out by one of the Chimp Answers team, and so once we’ve access we may delegate access to a team member to carry out the analysis.  This doesn’t change anything in terms of being able to close off access once the review and is one of the benefits of the agency access set up Mailchimp uses.

We're an Agency, can we order Multiple Check-Ups?

Unfortunately, because of the way Mailchimp manages access to an account using an Agency log in, there are complications when it comes to this area.  If you are an agency and want to discuss how we can help you get more from your Mailchimp customers, then drop us an email and we’ll set up a chat.

"I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else for Mailchimp help"

We’ve worked with Chimp Answers in the past, setting up forms and autoresponders for our website, and recently had the opportunity to set up a booth at a virtual conference and wanted to capture and communicate with enquiries.

Efficient and Responsive, with a clear understanding of Mailchimp and the best way to use it in the real world, Chimp Answers are always on speed-dial when it comes to supporting our marketing efforts with Mailchimp.

Kim Marlor

Owner, KMA Accountancy

“…start getting some real results…“

I’ve known Robin & Chimp Answers for many years and behind the enthusiastic, fun and engaging personality hides the mind of a very smart, skilful and knowledgable marketing expert.

He not only understands the bigger picture and how everything fits together, but has the skills, knowledge and technical ability to actually get sh*t done for you.

So, if you are feeling frustrated wasting your time and money on bad and ineffective marketing and want to start getting some real results from your spend, then I would suggest you think seriously about working with Robin & Chimp Answers.

Stuart Morrison

Founder, Mister Metric

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We’ll also have a quick look around and if we see anything else that could be improved will point you in the direction of a solution.

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