Your target’s inbox

Harder to get inside than that new club?

Like the most exclusive of clubs

The inbox is a hard place to get into

How do you know that the marketing email you’ve lovingly crafted is actually getting into your target’s inbox?

The fact, is you probably don’t – because most email systems like MailChimp don’t track this information.

…but you can still find out if your email is likely to get into the inbox (or the spam or promotional folder), and understand the important things you need to do to improve your chances.

Email Deliverability is one of the most important elements of email marketing – and yet scarcely get’s discussed.

A small increase in deliverability % can have an exponential impact on your results.

The Chimp Answers guide to Email Deliverability in MailChimp is your one stop resource for understanding how to get past the bouncer and into the VIP section.

…and it’s written specifically for MailChimp users.

So if you want to ensure your emails are actually received (and opened and read), then grab our free guide now.

Download your guide to Email Deliverability in MailChimp

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Use this plug and play guide to improve your chances of hitting the inbox (and not the promotional/spam folder)

  • How to authenticate your sending domain so that they know it’s really you
  • Keeping your list clean and tidy – building you a good reputation
  • How to test your emails to make sure they go where they need to

The one stop guide for all MailChimp users on getting past the bouncer and into the VIP suite – your recipients inbox

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