100% of Mailchimp users ARE NOT meeting their full potential

…including YOU

(but you already knew that didn’t you!)

The Mailchimp Health Check

Have a Certified Mailchimp Expert give you the inside track on Maximising Mailchimp

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Learn how well you stack up against THE BEST MAILCHIMP ACCOUNTS, in Set Up, Data Management, Automations, Email Design & Overall Performance… and know where you should focus your Mailchimp efforts 

“Making your way in the world today
takes everything you’ve got…”

The writers of the Cheers theme song weren’t wrong, even 40 years ago.

It’s tough out there, no matter what you are doing.

Whether you’re running your own business or are part of a team, maximising your results on all fronts is nigh-on impossible.

Especially, when it comes to your marketing.

What to do? When to do it? What gets priority? What works? What’s new?

At least you know that the granddaddy of all digital marketing, Email Marketing, is still working it’s magic, over 20 years since it was born (and shows no signs of slowing down).

…but is it still working for you?

Are you actually getting the most from your Email Marketing?

You know you could achieve so much more with
Email Marketing & Mailchimp
So what’s stopping you?

Despite reports to the contrary, Email Marketing is not getting harder…

It’s certainly getting harder for those who are doing it on autopilot and not really thinking about it.

…but for those who are doing it the right way… it’s actually getting easier!!!

New regulations from inbox providers are great news for those of us who are ‘doing it right’… they remove all the “poor” email marketing efforts – leaving more space for the good emailers.

…but do you know how to do it right and be a good emailer?… Are you maximising your email marketing & Mailchimp?

Almost certainly, you don’t know Mailchimp as well as you should

That’s a bold statement I hear you say…

“We’ve been using Mailchimp for 10 years, of course we know how to use it”

Well, based on working with hundreds of businesses who use Mailchimp over the past few years, we’d beg to differ.

You may know how to use it for you… but the problem is you don’t know what you don’t know.

Anyone who uses a platform like Mailchimp for a while can get into a rut…

not looking at new tools the platform offers which could improve your performance.

not being aware of new trends and new opportunities to “up your game”

…just letting the emails and automations flow on auto pilot.

You may know Mailchimp – but only in the way you use it.

How do you know what you don’t know?

You want more from Mailchimp, but how do you know what to focus on and where you stand compared to the best Mailchimp accounts, when the only experience you’ve got is your own?

The more you struggle, the deeper you sink.

You’re not sure what you’re doing wrong, and you’re not sure how to fix it. It’s frustrating and it’s holding you back.

​If only there was a way for someone who’s spent the last 10 years looking at all types of Mailchimp, to be able to give you the insights and knowledge you lack to take things forward.

…and turn your Mailchimp account into a money making powerhouse.

The Mailchimp Health Check

How can you know how well you are doing when it comes to Mailchimp when all you have is your own experience?

You can’t… but we can.

With over 10 years of experience in helping all levels of Mailchimp user get more from their email marketing and Mailchimp, and having viewed hundreds of all types of account, we know what it takes to develop and run a successful Mailchimp set up.

That’s why we’ve developed the Mailchimp Health Check.

The Mailchimp Health Check is designed for “mature” Mailchimp Accounts of over 2,500 contacts and with, ideally, a history of activity and campaigns.

Our experience means we can review your account with a clear view of what’s working, what’s not working and what’s missing against the “best practices” of Mailchimp, and give you the insights you’re desperate for – all in an easily reviewable and insightful package.

  • You receive a detailed insights report (which we create manually – no AI here) giving you the clear indications of what’s working (or not) in yout account.
  • You get a 30 minute insights call with a Mailchimp expert to review your report and develop plans to take things to the next level.

Our Health Check is the key to unlocking the door to Mailchimp’s full potential.

With our tailored guidance, you’ll learn how to leverage Mailchimp’s features to their fullest extent, driving more traffic, generating more leads, and ultimately, growing your business.

Don’t let a lack of knowledge keep you from achieving Mailchimp success. Let us get you on the path to maximising your Mailchimp.

You deserve to get more from Mailchimp…

let us show you the way

Why Chimp Answers?

We’re not naive to think that we’re the only Mailchimp expert out there.

Go check out Fiverr or Upwork and there are hundreds of them…

…but how do you know that they are any good?

You don’t.

…but you can trust Chimp Answers are experts when it comes to Mailchimp and Email Marketing.

  1. We were one of the first 10 Mailchimp Partners in the world to achieve Mailchimp Pro Partner status – This means we’ve met a higher level of performance, have achieved all our certifications and have connected with multiple Clients on helping them with their Mailchimp.
  2. We run one of the world’s largest communities of Mailchimp users – Mailchimp Answers on Facebook
  3. We were the main organisers for “Chimposium” a worldwide online conference for Mailchimp users and agencies.
  4. We’ve collectively got over 40 years experience in all aspects of Marketing – which means that it’s not just about the technology, it’s about the application in the real world
  5. We’ve got testimonials for all aspects of our Mailchimp expertise (check them out here) and our founder, Robin Adams, is recognised by Mailchimp as the Mailchimp Maverick.

Bottom line, we know Mailchimp & email marketing intimately, so you can be 100% certain the insights you’re going to get are the ones you need to ensure you’re able to maximise Mailchimp and get more from Email Marketing.

These certifications are issued by Mailchimp. Only use fully certified and approved Mailchimp partners

What do you get with a Mailchimp Health Check?

When you order a Mailchimp Health Check, you get access to the countless years of experience Chimp Answers have in squeezing the most out of every Mailchimp account we see.

Each Mailchimp Health Check includes:

A bespoke report on your account focusing on the key elements that all great Mailchimp Accounts share. 

This is not some AI generated report that trawls your account and generates stock answers with little or no value.

The report is created by a Mailchimp expert and is 100% bespoke to you and your own business sector, be it service, e-commerce, training or a local business.

There is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to email marketing, so each Health Check takes into account your own situation and sector – and the advice & tips generated are specific and relevant to you.

The report focuses in on the key aspects of a successful Mailchimp Account, such as:

  • A complete review of your setup and billing to see if you’re on the right account level – you’d be surprised how many people are paying more than they should.
  • A look at how well your account is performing, both in terms of how you use it, but also the performance of the campaigns you send.
  • We also dive into things like engagement levels, email deliverability & automation implementation
  • A review of your data and whether you are effectively managing things – Are you making the most of your data, or should you be looking to collect more?
  • A quick overview of the emails you send, with comments on content and design
  • An overall rating on the account and the key things that you need to focus on moving forward

You then can book a 30 minute insights meeting to review the findings in the report and give key insights on what you should be looking to address moving forward.

This is an opportunity to spend time with a highly qualified Mailchimp Expert, answering some of the burning questions you have on what matters when it comes to email marketing success and leveraging Mailchimp.


An Example Mailchimp Account Health Check Report

If you’re curious about getting a Mailchimp Health Check, but want to get an insight into some of the stuff that would be included, here’s a quick sample.

This video is a sample of the type of analysis and insights you’d get on your own account, and should give you an idea about the value you’d get from your own Mailchimp Health Check

“Mailchimp & Email marketing is still the #1 Marketing Tool when it comes to ROI
…but if you’re not on top of your game, it’s easy to lose track of the best strategies & tactics.

A Mailchimp Health Check is a highly cost effective solution which gives you insights and advise on what’s working (and not working) in your own Mailchimp Account.

So you know exactly what to work on (and what not to touch!), in your Mailchimp Account.”

 – Robin Adams (Chimpmaster General, Chimp Answers)

What happens when you order a Mailchimp Health Check?

Every Mailchimp Health Check ordered goes through a clear and simple process to ensure we cover every base and give you the information you need to grow and get more from email marketing and Mailchimp.

  1. Place your Order for a Mailchimp Health Check
  2. Confirm the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) we email to you – so you’re covered when we access your account.
  3. Provide Access to your Mailchimp Account – we’ll request this via our Agency account and you’ll get an email from Mailchimp where you can confirm our access – which means you never have to share your log in details
  4. We review your account and put our findings into a report.
  5. Your report is emailed directly to you so you can review it at your leisure.
  6. You book and attend an insights zoom call to discuss the highlights of the Health Check and focus on potential next steps.

You’ll receive emails every step of the way to keep you informed and let you know what’s next – and if you’ve missed any steps.

From start the finish, the overall process should take no less than 14 days from order to delivery of the Health Check and completion of your insights call, but if there are issues, you’ll be informed clearly and given updated timings.

This is not a bland and boring AI Generated Report, it’s a valuable tool providing relevant insights into how to use Mailchimp effectively.

Why Choose Chimp Answers?

There are lots of reasons why Chimp Answers are the best people to speak to if you want to really solve your Mailchimp problems, but here are the top three that we hear about from our loved clients:


We’re Approved Mailchimp Pro Partners, so you can be assured we know our stuff



This is not about vanity, this is about results. Our projects deliver every time



We’ve glowing reviews and feedback from all of our clients on their experience.

Book Your Mailchimp Health Check Today

The Mailchimp health Check is, without doubt, the most cost effctive way to learn how effective you are with your email marketing & Mailchimp.

Getting a Certified Mailchimp Expert to give you direct feedback on what’s working, what’s not working and give tips and advice on how to improve all aspects of your email system, gives you answers to both the questions you have, but also the questions you didn’t know you needed to ask!

Placer your order today and find out how to make the most of Mailchimp!

Start Moving Forward with Mailchimp

Mailchimp Health Check

A Review of your Mailchimp Account

Billing Address

Conditions of Booking a Mailchimp Health Check

  1. Mailchimp Health Check is only open to Mailchimp users with accounts of over 2,500 contacts who do not have Chimp Answers currently connected to the account.
  2. Any discounts are applied through the application of a coupon code at checkout.

The Mailchimp Health Check

Know What's Working

Know What's Failing

Best Practice Insights

Frequently Asked Questions – Mailchimp Health Check

Can I get a Mailchimp Health Check without giving access to my Mailchimp Account?

Unfortunately, without access to the data and information in your Mailchimp Account we can’t actually do the review – which is why as part of the process we provide a Non-Disclosure Agreement so that you are protected – we understand the importance of data protection and want you to feel secure that when we analyse your account.

Do I have to share my Mailchimp username and password?

As a Mailchimp Pro-Partner, we have what’s called an “agency account”, which allows us to request access to your Mailchimp account without you sharing your username/password. Once you grant access a “side door” opens up for us to access – and should you wish to close this side door at the end of the process, you can do so easily, removing us from the account.