Mailchimp Account Management

…for when you need someone to do it all for you

Are you the best person to handle your Mailchimp Account?

Whether you are a busy business owner, marketing & communications manager, or solopreneur juggling several balls, marketing is more complicated than it’s ever been.

In the “good old days”, all you needed was a telephone number, a listing in the business pages, maybe an advert in the local newspaper and to get out and network.

Things are a bit different now (understatement!!). For all the good that the internet has brought in terms of making the world a smaller place, it’s exponentially impacted the complexity of marketing. SEO, PPC, Social Media and Email Marketing are all “new” marketing options that you need to master to succeed.

Which is why, nowadays, it might be worth considering getting some help to handle the heavy lifting.

You get someone to build and manage your website (and to do some SEO too).

You pay someone to manage your paid advertising and Social Media presence.

…so why not get the Mailchimp experts onboard to manage your account ongoing?

Chimp Answers, with their unique combination of Mailchimp geekiness and marketing savvy, can work with you to develop an ongoing email marketing strategy and then ensure it’s implemented on an ongoing basis.

Whether you just need someone to handle your account on a month to month basis and get an email or two out…

…or something a bit more comprehensive, managing the account ongoing, reporting back on performance and working hand-in-hand to update and renew your strategy based on best practice principles.

If you’re struggling to get results from your email marketing, or just need an extra pair of hands to manage and support you moving forward – we’ve got you covered.

Why Choose Chimp Answers?

Here’s 3 key reasons why you should consider Chimp Answers as your best partner to help you develop and grow your email marketing activity

Certified and Approved by Mailchimp

We were one of the first 10 Mailchimp Pro Partners and have achieved all of Mailchimp’s certifications.

We’re Marketers as well as Chimps

Although we can’t deny we know Mailchimp intimately, first and foremost we’re marketers and bring years of experience to the table every project we’re involved in.

Our clients love us

We’ve glowing reviews and feedback from our clients on their experience in working with us.

“They really know their stuff…

I started working with Chimp Answers in 2015 and since then they've proved to be an essential part of my business.  When it comes to Marketing and Mailchimp they really knows their stuff and have been able to not only help us build a marketing system that has increased our revenue, but develop a foundation to our business that will support us for many years to come.

Tone Tellefsen Hughes

Clinic Director, Lucks Yard Clinic

These certifications are issued by Mailchimp. Only use fully certified and approved Mailchimp partners

Here’s some of the ways we can help you get more from Mailchimp and do it the right way.

Basic Account Management

…for when you need an extra pair of hands

Sometimes, things start to pile up and you get behind where you know you need to be with your email marketing – and you end up not doing anything.

You know a regular communication is the right way forward, but you’ve not got the time or energy to get it done, let alone the knowledge to get it done the right way.

If you need an extra pair of hands to support you moving forward, ensuring campaigns get sent out on time and looking good, and most importantly, get results, we’re here to help.

Even though Mailchimp is pretty easy to use, there are times when you just need someone to manage it for your organisation, taking care of general account maintenance and sending the campaigns to get the results you need. You need a Mailchimp Fairy Godmother.

If you’re looking for someone to do it all, run your Mailchimp account for you, ensure it’s operating at high efficiency and effectiveness and get your campaigns out on time to the right people and looking good, Chimp Answers may be your (excuse the pun) Answer!

Full Service Account Management

…for when you need it all done for you, like magic!

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