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Hands up who likes spending more than they should? Nobody? We figured.
Why would you be comfortable spending more than you should for anything?… and yet despite this, most organisations are currently paying more than they should for Mailchimp.

Having looked at hundreds of Mailchimp accounts we know that many are paying more than they should, either through being on the wrong account level, not understanding how they’re charged or by paying for dead or duplicate contacts. 

Most Mailchimp accounts are paying too much… what about you?

Chances are that you are wasting money on Mailchimp

We’re one of the biggest Mailchimp fans there are – our entire business is focused on helping people get more from the platform… but we’re just as passionate about doing Mailchimp the right way, which includes making sure you don’t pay more than you should for the service.

Unfortunately, there are way too many organisations who are throwing money away because they don’t understand how Mailchimp charges or how their actions are costing them money.

Whether it’s poor account structure, being on the wrong level or just paying for contacts that are either dead or duplicated, most accounts we get to see are in some way, paying more than they should.

The Chimp Check-Up is a free service we offer to paying Mailchimp Customers who want to see where they can save money. 

We review their account level, data set up and engagement and give you the guidance you need to see where you can save money – and it’s all managed securely and with safeguards in place to protect your account and information.

So if you think you’re paying more than you should (and to be honest, you probably are!) then request a Chimp Check-Up and reduce your monthly costs now.

Almost every time we look at a Mailchimp Account we see opportunities to reduce the monthly bills – from being on the wrong account level, through poor data management to holding on to data that isn’t working. The biggest saving we identified was just short of $5,000!

Everyone has the opportunity to save money on their Mailchimp set up and doing a Chimp Check-Up makes sense for anyone paying for Mailchimp.

Robin Adams

Chimpmaster General, Chimp Answers

Key Information

Everything you need to know about our Chimp Check-Up service.

Is it for you?

If you currently pay for Mailchimp then you’d benefit from a Chimp Check-up – and the more you pay, the higher likelihood that savings can be found.

How does it work?

Once you order a Chimp Check-Up, we’ll request a bit more information on your account, get you a Non-Disclosure Agreement to complete and then request access to your account. We then will send you information and advice on whether you can save money on your account and how to potentially do it.

How much does it cost?

The Chimp Check-Up is a free service available to all paying Mailchimp users

What’s the next step?

Complete the form to get started.

Understand today what you should be paying for Mailchimp and stop wasting valuable marketing budget on stuff you’re not using.

To start your Chimp Check-Up, just complete the form and we’ll get the process rolling of setting up your Chimp Check-up straight away.

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