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MailChimp Training

Still stumbling around in the dark? Let us enlighten you


To train on MailChimp we need to know it intimately


We know MailChimp because we use it every day

About Business

We understand it’s all about growing your business through MailChimp


We’ve trained at all levels and get consistently great feedback

Stop Struggling and get the help you need

MailChimp is a fantastic tool to help you grow your business… but only if you know how to use it effectively.

Chimp Answers is one of the UK’s leading MailChimp training companies helping businesses like you get to grips with MailChimp and leverage it for success.

Whether it’s a short introduction into MailChimp and email marketing, or an in-depth 121 session delving into more advanced techniques, we’ve helped businesses like you succeed over and over again.

Why Choose Us?

  • We only use MailChimp ourselves so we know it intimately
  • We’re not MailChimp apologists – there are some things MailChimp isn’t perfect at – we know what and know how to overcome these shortcomings
  • We know MailChimp is a tool for business growth – so it’s not just about the tech, it’s about applying it
  • People love our training – check out our fans here

Too many people waste time and money trying to learn something new themselves – get professional training and start winning earlier

Interested in our training?

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Ash Taylor

Business Owner, The Implementation Coach

Our Training

No matter your training requirements, you’re covered. Whether you want to be part of a group training session, or need us to lead one for your group, or need more personal training delivered either in person or over the internet, you’ll get what you need to succeed.

121 Training

Individual In-person Training. Ideal for individuals and small teams with specific requirements who want results fast.

Classroom Training

Live Group Training held in convenient locations around the UK. Get the training you need with a real MailChimp Expert.

Online Training

Want to learn at your own pace? Our online courses let you learn on your own timescale and focus on your individual needs.

In-House Training

Offering training to groups and companies? We run MailChimp training courses for all types of organisations.

MailChimp Consultancy

Sometimes, you just want someone to do it for you. We can do that too, making sure MailChimp is set up correctly in your business.

Remote Training

Individual Training using the power of the internet. Develop your skills through a 1-2-1 conference direct to your computer.

Want more info on MailChimp Training?

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Your Trainer

Combining over 20 years experience in all aspects of marketing with an innate understanding of technology and how to use it for marketing, Robin Adams will help you get the most from your MailChimp Training.

He’s trained hundreds of people to get the most out of MailChimp, running courses for organisations like Entrepreneurs Circle and Southern Entrepreneurs.

…and as a qualified Scuba Instructor as well, he’s well versed in helping people get to grips with something that initially may seem outside of their comfort zone.

“It’s about using MailChimp effectively, not just for the sake of it. As a business tool it’s massively powerful – as long as you know how to use it to grow your business”

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