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No matter what level you’re at when it comes to Mailchimp, there are always those nagging little things you need to get an answer to – but you aren’t sure they’re worth paying for someone to help you out with.

How can you find the answers you need without paying through the nose for them?.. and be sure that the person you’re listening to actually knows what they’re talking about!

Chimp Answers have one of the largest free resources for Mailchimp Answers on the internet and as certified Pro Partners and Experts, you can be sure we know what we’re talking about.

Some of the best Answers you can get are the ones that cost you nothing…

When you really need to know… ask an expert

Every organisation starts using with Mailchimp with a different goal in mind. Some want to automate their systems, some communicate with members, some just want to send out a regular newsletter.

Unfortunately, because everyone uses the system differently, there’s no “one way” of doing things – and so when you get a bit lost, there’s no such thing as an instruction manual to get you back on the path. So you end up spending hours on social media platforms, Youtube and in chat rooms trying to get the answer to your questions… and even then not be sure you’ve got it completely nailed.

Working with an expert is the best way to get the answers you need. One who’s got the experience to get you on the right path, answer those questions that are burning to be asked (and even the ones you didn’t know you needed answering!), and make sure you’re doing things the right way.

As a fully certified Mailchimp Pro Partner, Chimp Answers are your go to experts for everything Mailchimp and email marketing. Our goal is to help you with not only those questions you absolutely have to get answered, but to ensure you’re on the right path overall and you’re making the most of Mailchimp (and as marketers, we’ll give you extra insights on the right way to do things).

Whether it’s a quick 30 minutes to answer a few quick questions or a series of hour long sessions to help you get your Mailchimp account fully optimised for your organisation, we’ve got you covered with bespoke 121 Mailchimp training sessions.

121 Mailchimp Training is the #1 way of getting the insights and answers you need – and save you spending hours scouring the internet for half baked answers and imperfect solutions.

We’re not called Chimp Answers for nothing!

Key Information

Everything you need to know about our Mailchimp 121 Training & Consultancy.

Is it for you?

If you’re looking for a quick fix and the answer to some key Mailchimp questions you have, or want a slightly extended number of sessions to build your Mailchimp expertise, then 121 support is likely the best route for you.

How does it work?

If you’re looking for a quick 121 session, these can be booked and paid for directly on this page. If you want a series of sessions then we can arrange these as required to meet your time frame and calendar.

Every session is recorded so you can review at a later point – especially useful if lots of ground is covered in the call.

How much does it cost?

A 1 hour 121 session costs $300.
3 x 1 hour sessions can be booked for $750.
Other options are available.

What’s the next step?

If you think you need some 121 training, then use the form on this page to book and pay for a session, or alternatively, if you want multiple sessions, then the best next step is to book a call with us to see if we can set something up.

The 121 training session was the best investment ever!

Our two main issues were resolved and implemented in no time: how to have individuals sign up from our web page and send sent out an automatic welcome email. Recording of the session was instrumental and most helpful and thanks for your follow-up emails to make sure we are on track.

Sonya Querido

Patricia Belda Family Constellation

These certifications are issued by Mailchimp. Only use fully certified and approved Mailchimp partners

Book A Session Today

Use the calendar to book and pay for your session today. You’ll receive a link to a booked zoom call on confirmation and of course, the more information on what you want to cover in the call, the better.

We’ll carry out the call on the date/time chosen and also record the call so it can be sent to you for further review after the session.

What you need to know before booking your session

How Long Do I Need?

The 121 Bespoke Mailchimp Training Session is meant to be for those who’ve got specific questions that need to be answered.  From experience, we know that if you want “to learn everything”, then chances are that you’ll need a different solution, in which case, use the contact form to request your specific needs.

To give you some examples of what we can cover in a time block:

  • 30 mins – answer a few questions, or check out a couple of specifics in your Mailchimp Account.
  • 60 mins – go a bit more in-depth on specific issues, or spend time reviewing your Mailchimp Account overall.
  • 90 mins – Develop a clear understanding of your email marketing strategy and the key things to focus on.
  • 120 mins – In depth account review and analysis.
How many people can attend a training session?

Because of the nature of a 121 training session (and it’s bespoke nature), it doesn’t work very well with too many people – as such we limit any training session such as this to a maximum of 2 attendees (of course, more people can watch the replay – it’s yours to share).  If you want to train more people in one sitting, or need a more comprehensive solution (2 hours may seem a long time, but in reality it limits how much can be covered if you want to know “everything”!), then check out our Team Mailchimp Training and book a discovery call to learn more.

Where Does The Training Take Place?

All 121 sessions are delivered online via zoom and are fully recorded and made available to you so you can review the session afterwards.  Make sure you’ve a quiet space and that you aren’t going to be interrupted during the session.

Do I Get Any Other Benefits?

Every 121 training session comes with 30 days q&a support after the session. We ask that you don’t abuse this… but typically if a query takes 5/10 minutes to solve, we’ll do our best to get it answered.


What type of chocolate can I bribe you with?
If you want me to stay for a few extra minutes over the allocated time, chocolate is usually a good way of doing it. Current favourite is Hershey’s Cookies & Cream… but i’m partial to most Cadbury chocolate as well (as long as it doesn’t have dead flies (i.e. raisins) in it!).

How Do I Know We'll Cover The Topics I Want?

This is all about answering your questions on Mailchimp, and giving you a guiding hand in terms of how to proceed.  So please make sure you communicate in advance the key things you want to cover to allow us to prepare for the session beforehand.

What Happens If I Need To Cancel?

Sessions can be changed/rebooked up to 14 days prior to the agreed date, but any changes within 14 days may incur an additional cost.

If the course is cancelled within 14 days without rebooking, the full cost of course is charged.

Not right for you?

Here’s some other ways we can help which might be a better fit…


...a webinar for when you need to understand and get the basics sorted


...for when you need to get your Mailchimp Account set up the right way from the start


...for when you really need to take your Mailchimp knowledge to the next level


...for when you want a guide on how you can do Mailchimp the right way