Making Mailchimp Better

If you’ve used Mailchimp for a number of years, chances are you’ve got a nice system ticking away for your business… but how do you know it’s performing at it’s optimum level? Are you taking full advantage of Mailchimp and some of the newer tools it’s developed? …and are you squeezing every last drop of benefit from your account?

As Mailchimp Pro Partners, we’ve seen inside hundreds of Mailchimp Accounts, both the good and the bad, and combined with an intimate knowledge of how Mailchimp works, and a clear understanding of the principles of successful marketing, know how to make the most of your email marketing through Mailchimp.

How can we help you get more from your Mailchimp account?

Mailchimp Medicals

“Am I doing it the right way?”

Your Mailchimp Account reviewed and rated against identified best practices

Combining Audiences

“I’ve got too many audiences”

Combine your audiences to reduce cost and complexity (and your stress levels!)

Audience Cleansing

“My audience is full of zombies”

Cutting your database’s dead weight to improve your deliverability and save you money 

Account Management

Account Management“Can you run my account for me?”

Managing and maintaing your account so it’s always running at it’s peak efficiency

A Full Email Marketing System

“I need a complete system”

Starting anew or working with an existing account to build a complete working email marketing system

We are Certified by Mailchimp

Chimp Answers were one of the first 10 Mailchimp Partners to be achieve Pro status with Mailchimp and have achieved all available Mailchimp certifications.

This means you can trust that when it comes to Mailchimp, we know our bananas and can ensure that you are doing Mailchimp the right way something we’re passionate about.

Combined with over 25 years experience in all aspects of Marketing, you not only get the right way to do Mailchimp, but also the understanding of how it fits with all your other marketing activity.

Trust us when we say “we speak fluent Mailchimp”.