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Mailchimp is undoubtedly the most accessible email marketing system in the world. Over 10,000,000 users can’t be wrong!… but if you’re a business using it to support your email marketing efforts, and you’re not confident in what you’re doing or just don’t have the time, you can miss out on some of the major benefits.

With a complete knowledge of Mailchimp and how to ‘do it the right way’, Chimp Answers can help take that burden away and manage your account effectively, leaving you to concentrate on what you’re supposed to be doing – driving the business forward.

Three things to know…

If you’re considering getting Chimp Answers to manage your account, here are answers to the top 3 questions we get asked about this service, to help you understand how it can help your business.

How does it work?

We access your system through our agency login and regularly review the account to improve performance and work with you to get the right emails sent to the right people

Do I need to write the emails?

We believe that as an outside resource, that we’ll never know your customers as well as you will, so believe that core content needs to come from you – but we can support, guide, edit and format that content to make it much more effective

Can I just leave Mailchimp to you?

As long as we’ve got a flow of ‘content’ from you, we can handle your entire account, doing admin, formatting and sending emails and reporting back to you on success and results

Email Marketing – not as easy as it looks?

Email marketing has always been held up as a key pillar of any successful digital marketing strategy. It’s high Return on Investment (ROI) makes it something everyone wants to use… but over the last few years, it’s becoming harder.

The thing is email marketing is not as easy as it used to be. In the good old days, you’d just write up an email, grab a load of emails, press send and watch the money roll in. Nowadays, with things like GDPR and Privacy Regulations, congested inboxes, aggressive spam filters and the need for different formats of email, it’s much harder to make an impact.

Still, if you know what you’re doing, you can generate great results from email marketing… if you know what you’re doing.

With over 10 years experience using Mailchimp and over 25 years in Marketing, Chimp Answers blends together technology and technique to help businesses get more from their email marketing.

When we run your Mailchimp Account, we ensure it’s optimised effectively and run smoothly, taking advantage of all the things we know work well.

We can also guide you in the development of a clear strategy to implement, taking your knowledge of your products and customers and blending with our awareness of best practice.

That way, when it comes to the ongoing management of your Mailchimp Account, you can be assured that you’re in good hands and that your making the most of your email marketing.

The world of email marketing has definitely changed over the last few years, but with the guidance and help of experts, you can still get the results you deserve.

We started working with Robin to understand whether we could build a complete Marketing System combining MailChimp and our existing CRM system.  As a car retailer, effective and prompt communication is essential, and understanding where people are in the buying process is very important in the messages we send out.  Robin’s understanding and knowledge of MailChimp was essential in knowing what could be achieved with the systems, which is much more than we originally thought possible, and his marketing knowledge helped us develop a very clear and effective marketing system.  Our first marketing emails went out and generated the sale of 2 cars, which is a massive payback on the investment and proof that the system works.  If you’re not sure about whether MailChimp can deliver for your business, have a chat with Robin, we did and it’s paid off brilliantly.

Emma Crosby

Marketing Manager, Creation Flooring

Fancy a bit of DIY?

If you’re thinking of doing this yourself, these articles might help…

Why Choose Chimp Answers?


We're Approved Mailchimp Pro Partners, so you can be assured we know our stuff



This is not about vanity, this is about results. Our projects deliver every time


We've glowing reviews and feedback from all of our clients on their experience.

How it works

Whenever we’re approached by someone who wants us to take over and optimise their Mailchimp email marketing system, it’s about taking the things you’re doing well and filling in the gaps around them. That’s why we go through a series of structured steps to ensure that nothing gets missed and that the system does what it needs to.

Mailchimp Systems Review


The first step is to understand the state of the existing system with a thorough review. We go through your Mailchimp account (and any related elements) to understand exactly what’s going on, what’s working, but also what needs to be improved


Through discussion we understand about your business, your customers and your objectives for the system. This, combined with our in-depth knowledge of Mailchimp and years of marketing expertise, allows us to get all the information we need to update your system and plan for ongoing support.

Mailchimp Systems Blueprint


Taking all the information available, we then develop a detailed plan of the system, covering all the necessary elements involved, such as data capture, automations, design and structure. This is pulled into a proposal which becomes a blueprint for the implementation and ongoing maintenance.


Once the blueprint has been agreed, we move into delivery mode, turning the plan into reality and ensuring that system has a solid foundation built on best practices.


When the foundations of a solid system are in place, we can move to the ongoing management phase of the project, supporting your monthly requirements and keeping on top of Mailchimp for you

 Pricing & Timing Guidelines

As with many projects we work on, it’s hard to give a complete breakdown of the potential costs involved, but to give some indication of the potential costs, the initial system restructuring can cost anything from $500 (£350) up to $4,000 (£3,000) and the ongoing management usually starts at $250 (£175) per month

In terms of how long it takes to set up the system correctly, the planning/blueprint generation stage usually take 2 weeks, and then even for the biggest systems, we’re able to complete them within a 4 week timeframe.

"I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else for Mailchimp help"

We’ve worked with Chimp Answers in the past, setting up forms and autoresponders for our website, and recently had the opportunity to set up a booth at a virtual conference and wanted to capture and communicate with enquiries.

Efficient and Responsive, with a clear understanding of Mailchimp and the best way to use it in the real world, Chimp Answers are always on speed-dial when it comes to supporting our marketing efforts with Mailchimp.

Kim Marlor

Owner, KMA Accountancy

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Not based in the UK? read this…

Chimp Answers are based in the United Kingdom, but we help Mailchimp users all around the world. To avoid any confusion or disappointment, please make sure you adjust the time zone setting to your own time zone before making the appointment. This ensures the appointment is valid and we can get straight into things…

Any Questions?

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