Ready to Book your Power Session?

If you’re ready to book your Mailchimp Power Session, then just decide on the time required and book.  Payment and timings are handled on the booking page and you’ll receive confirmation of your session upon completion.  If you’re not sure which is the best option, then why not book a quick free chat where we can help decide the right solution for you.

30 minute Mailchimp Power Session

Ideal for dealing with specific issues or a couple of specific Mailchimp questions.

Price £75

60 minute Mailchimp Power Session

Ideal for direct training or answering a number of specific Mailchimp questions.

Price £125

120 minute Mailchimp Power Session

Ideal for all sorting out all manner of Mailchimp training and implementation issues.

Price £225

Why Chimp Answers?

In each and every session we bring to the table:

⭑ Over 25 years Marketing Experience

⭑ 10+ years Mailchimp Experience

⭑ Certified Mailchimp Partner & Expert

⭑ Experience in both agency and client, B2C & B2B markets

⭑ Hundreds of Mailchimp Users helped

⭑ An understanding of the right way to do Mailchimp

We may not be Mailchimp, but we're the next best thing!

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