Mailchimp Training

No matter if you’re starting off on your email marketing journey, or have a system and want to make the most of it, developing your own knowledge of Mailchimp so you can take advantage and grow either your or someone else’s business is something you should be looking to do.

As Mailchimp Pro Partners, with many years experience in delivering Effective Mailchimp Training for all types of business and circumstance, our training is a combination of our skillset – Mailchimp & Marketing – so it’s not just about learning what to do in Mailchimp… but why you set things up in a particular way and how to be successful in your email marketing activity.

How can we help you get more from your Mailchimp account?

Free Mailchimp Training

“How can I teach myself Mailchimp?”

Free guides and resources to help you learn and develop your Mailchimp knowledge

121 Mailchimp Training

“Can I got personal tuition to learn Mailchimp?”

Live 121 Mailchimp training specific to your individual circumstances and challenges

Team Mailchimp Training

“I need to train my team on using Mailchimp?”

Bespoke team training developed specifically for your team and the way you use Mailchimp

Online Mailchimp Training

“I want to learn more and tame Mailchimp fully”

Online courses and support to take your Mailchimp knowledge to the next level

We are Certified by Mailchimp

Chimp Answers were one of the first 10 Mailchimp Partners to be achieve Pro status with Mailchimp and have achieved all available Mailchimp certifications.

This means you can trust that when it comes to Mailchimp, we know our bananas and can ensure that you are doing Mailchimp the right way something we’re passionate about.

Combined with over 25 years experience in all aspects of Marketing, you not only get the right way to do Mailchimp, but also the understanding of how it fits with all your other marketing activity.

Trust us when we say “we speak fluent Mailchimp”.