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Sometimes you don’t want to invest in extensive training, but just need to get yourself moving in the right way… or you may work for a non-profit or charity where budgets are limited.  That’s where our free resources step in.

From one of the world’s biggest series of Mailchimp related blogs, through to our free Facebook Group – Mailchimp Answers – with over 10,000 members (it’s the world’s largest community of Mailchimp users), and our free webinars, if money is in question, you can still get bags of value and learn how to do Mailchimp the right way.

Is this the right solution for you?

Here are three reasons why Free Mailchimp training from Chimp Answers will get you what you need to get started the right way with Mailchimp:

It's Free!

All you need is time and an understanding of what you want to achieve – our blog is fully searchable and there’s no excuse not to join our amazing Facebook community.

On Tap Information

The Mailchmp Answers Facebook group is the world’s largest community of Mailchimp users and it’s perfect for those quick questions you need answered.

A Perfect Way to Start

We understand that most of those who use Mailchimp start at the free level, so this means there is no extra outlay for getting moving with your Mailchimp skills and knowledge.

If you’re just starting out, or are looking for a cost effective way of getting to grips with Mailchimp, then you’ve come to the right place!

One of the big advantages of Mailchimp is that for many people starting out it offers a huge amount of functionality for free!… as long as your database is less than 2000 emails, you don’t have to pay a penny… and Mailchimp also provides a huge resource of information on how to use the system effectively.

Of course, just because there’s lots of information… sometimes it’s hard to find the answers to your own questions, or you don’t need to know all the options, just the one that will work for you.

That’s where Chimp Answers can help, with an extensive selection of free resources and advice, focused on the key things that you need to know AND making sure that it’s about effective email marketing and not just the basics.

If you want to make the most of Mailchimp, check out these resources – which are all free!!!

  • The Fundies – a series of “essential” articles focused on the key things you need to think about when it comes to Mailchimp & Email marketing
  • The Blog – Regularly updated and wide ranging, our blog covers all aspects of successful email marketing and helps answers the questions everyone has about Mailchimp.
  • The Mailchimp Answers Facebook Group – the worlds largest online community of Mailchimp users and experts – your best place to get the advice, guidance and Answers you need to succeed with Mailchimp

All of these resources are completely free and will all help you make the most of email marketing.

There are lots of free resources online to help you make the most of your email marketing & Mailchimp… but we’ve got the biggest resource of articles and advice outside of Mailchimp itself!..

We’re your Free, One Stop, Effective Email Marketing & Mailchimp Resource – no need to go anywhere else!!!

At last, somewhere I can ask questions about MailChimp and get answers that are really helpful. Robin runs a great group, sharing some great tips and his regular live streaming videos are well worth tuning into. I am an experienced MailChimp user and this group is helping me increase my skills even further

Julia Elgar

Owner, Just Ask Julia

I'm fairly new to MailChimp and have found the support in this group invaluable. I posted a problem and within an hour Robin had very kindly uploaded a tutorial video with clear step by step instructions solving my dilemma. Don't know where else you can get that level of service from!

Carol Connor

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