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A Virtual Marketing Director to help you with strategy, planning and implementation

Strategic Direction

Building a bigger picture and ensuring that all activities you do are aligned and move the business forward.


Scheduled Sessions

Online, Offline, Social, Web-based, Chat. No matter the medium we’ll find the right path for your business.


On tap Expertise

Tap into over 25 years of marketing expertise both strategically and at the ‘coal face’. 



Need some extra support and work done for you?.. We can help you make the right things actually happen.

How are the juggling lessons going?

Running a business requires a fair amount of juggling.

Juggling staff, clients, and new leads. Spending time sorting out holiday allocations, discussing the annual accounts with the accountant, getting payroll sorted.

…and that’s not including the fact that you’re responsible for marketing the business – something you’re likely not had any training on.

Chances are you got into business because you were good at a thing. Whether it’s making something or helping people do something.

…but even though you’re great at your thing, you’re not a marketer, something that squarely sits on your plate.

Getting help

One way to solve the problem is to get an agency in to do some of the stuff for you.

A lot of agencies are specialists… focusing on Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click, Social Media, Email marketing…

Do you know which are your business should actually be focusing on?… and how do you know that they’re doing the right thing for you?…. cost effectively?

You’re using to handling the people in your business… but can you effectively handle those outside of your business? (and even some of those even within the business)…  who are doing something that is not second nature to you?

You need a Marketing Director

Having someone who is a part of your team, but who has extensive marketing experience and can manage agencies is an essential element of your business growth.

They can make sure that the marketing strategy is in place for the business and is moving you in the right direction.

They can work with your internal team AND external agencies, making sure that they are delivering the right solutions.

They’ll stop you heading down the wrong road (and wasting time and money on stuff that doesn’t work) AND ensure that external agencies don’t pull the wool over your eyes.

…and they can ensure that your business grows and develops, supporting you as the business owner.

The ‘Virtual’ Marketing Director

Unfortunately, most SME’s can’t afford their own marketing director, but they could have a ‘virtual’ marketing director supporting their business.

Working closely with you the business owner ensuring that the business’ marketing aligned with your overall growth strategy and dealing with internal staff and external agencies to deliver the vision.

A Virtual Marketing Director could support from a few hours a month to a few hours a day, depending on your requirements and is for most SME’s a cost effective solution.

It’s time to stop “juggling the marketing ball”

Working with a Virtual Marketing Director in your business will not only ensure that your marketing is ‘on point’, but frees you the time to focus on the things you should be doing.

It’ll save you money as you won’t be throwing cash at marketing tools that just aren’t right for your business or your customers, and save you the time involved in managing them.

It’ll ensure you keep things on track and aligned with your business goals.

It’ll add overall value to your business and bring much needed knowledge and experience under your umbrella as you plan for the future.

What’s stopping you?… It’s likely whatever it is, a Virtual Marketing Director will help.

How does it work?

You can choose an appropriate package to match your requirements following a FREE introductory 30 minute chat and decide whether you want to have the sessions in person or via teleconference.

Your session will be conducted directly with Robin Adams, a marketer with over 25 years experience helping businesses grow through effective marketing activity.

With an actual marketing degree (back when there weren’t that many places to get one) and an MBA, Robin has the experience and background to see the bigger picture and how everything can fit together.

…but unlike other strategic marketers, who live with their head in the clouds, Robin is more than happy to get his hands dirty and relishes the fact that he’s “51% marketer, 49% geek“. In fact, he’s pretty much done most things marketing in his career…

  • Email Campaigns & Mailchimp (Recognised Mailchimp Partner and Expert) ✅
  • Websites built, SEO strategies implemented ✅
  • Video Production & Marketing ✅
  • Social Media Planning & Implementation ✅
  • Pay Per Click Advertising on Facebook & Google ✅
  • Chatbot set up & implementation ✅
  • Direct Mail and traditional advertising (it’s not all digital!) ✅
  • Lots of other digital and non-digital activities ✅

A chat with Robin means not only do you get an understanding of the bigger picture… but the nitty gritty detail that you need in place to get you there.

….and if you want a mentoring approach, check out our Marketing Mentor option… or if it’s just you need someone to actually do the stuff, you might consider our Implementation option.

Challenge Us!

If you want someone to help you with your Marketing, to point you in the right direction and keep you on track, don’t be shy, book a call.

"…if you're looking for experts in how Mailchimp works, ChimpAnswers are the people to go to!"

I'd managed to upload my mailing list to Mailchimp and create a lead magnet PDF relevant to my business but I couldn't work out how to connect the landing page on the website to Mailchimp to receive the lead magnet automatically.

Initially, ChimpAnswers was just going to sort this out for me but the scope of the work grew to encompass my wider marketing objectives and how to engage with these new leads in order to sell more hypnotherapy sessions to them.

ChimpAnswers created an automated welcome series to maximise the customer journey and knowledge of my services and provided prompts for me to create content for the automated emails.

"This simple but valuable set up has given me the confidence and ability to duplicate the process in the future for new lead magnets."

Heather Hall

Founder, Heather Hall Hypnotherapy

What Happens Next?

If you want to get your marketing working in the right direction (and not holding you back and wasting time and money you don’t have…), then book a FREE 30 minute introductory call where you can get a feel for how we could help you.

Packages Available

Hours can be allocated to either strategy discussions or implementation of any marketing activity required.

Rolling monthly agreement available upon request.

Packages exclude all “advertising expenditure” 



£495 per month

  • Kick Off Meeting including existing marketing audit and fact find.
  • 6 hours (minimum) support per month
  • No commitment in the First Month and then a minimum 3 month agreement.
  • Additional Hours – £100 per hour
  • Rollover of hours for one month

For businesses who just need to get their marketing sorted



£695 per month

  • Kick Off Meeting including existing marketing audit and fact find.
  • 10 hours (minimum) support per month
  • No commitment in the First Month and then a minimum 3 month agreement.
  • Additional Hours – £80 per hour
  • Rollover of hours for one month

For businesses who need a ‘right hand man’ to keep them on track 



£995 per month

  • Kick Off Meeting including existing marketing audit and fact find.
  • 15 hours (minimum) support per month
  • Minimum 3 month agreement.
  • Additional Hours – £70 per hour
  • Rollover of hours for three months

For businesses who need someone to manage team and external agencies



£2995 per month

  • Kick Off Meeting including existing marketing audit and fact find.
  • 50 hours (minimum) support per month
  • Minimum 3 month agreement.
  • Additional Hours – £70 per hour
  • Rollover of hours for three months

Ideal for growing businesses who need complete support in their marketing

Challenge Us!

If you want someone to help you with your Marketing, whether it’s what you should be doing, who you should be speaking to, or what you shouldn’t be looking at, don’t be shy, book an introductory 30 minute chat.

Why Work With Us? What Makes Us Different?



25+ Years. Client side, Agency, B2B, B2C, Online, Offline.


Strategic Focus

Understanding overall strategy and direction at a high level


Well Loved


Practical Skills

Happy to get hands dirty doing the stuff that needs to be done


Results Focused

Focused on tracking and getting the right results

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Looking for other types of support?

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