Mastering Email Marketing: The 7 Steps You Need to Know

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Feb 2, 2024

Email marketing…

It’s a powerful tool for success,

But only when it’s used the right way.

Because It’s more than compiling catchy subject lines and designing sleek templates.

It’s a strategic tool that, when used correctly, can lead to significant business growth.

The biggest issue we see with people starting Mailchimp is not being clear on why they are doing it in the first place.

Some are just doing it for the sake of it.

Others are just going in and having a play.


Before you start any campaign, you need to have a clear idea of the type of email you want to send, why you want to send it, and who you want to send it to.

Because there are a ton of emails sent every day,

I mean, just think about how many emails hit your inbox daily (or end up in your spam folder)

With all that competition, you need to find a way to make your email stand out and shine.

…And to do that you need to first understand the fundamentals of email marketing.

It’s not good enough to just send an email. You need to give every email you send the best chance to succeed.

We’ve developed a 7-step framework for email marketing that ensures you’re doing everything you can to get the best results and harness the full potential of email marketing.

Step 1: Purpose

First things first, (and yes, we know this is obvious) but you need to ensure you’ve set a clear purpose and goal for your email marketing as a whole. 

So many businesses fall into the trap of starting email marketing simply because “someone else said I should do it.” 

But without a clear understanding of why you’re doing email marketing in the first place, your efforts will at best be average and at worst be a waste of time and effort.

Defining your purpose sets the foundation for effective email marketing.

So what do you want to achieve?

Are you aiming to nurture leads, guide prospects through the sales funnel, or increase brand loyalty among existing customers?

…and you can have multiple purposes (you can focus on building a brand AND selling stuff), but you need to be 100% clear what they are.

If you lack purpose with your email marketing, your email marketing will most never reach its potential for your organisation.

Step 2: Fit

Let’s be honest, whilst email has evolved into a powerful tool for building relationships, nurturing leads, fostering customer loyalty, and, to be blunt, selling stuff… It isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. 

Yes, I said it…

Email marketing excels in certain areas, and we know that email marketing provides the biggest ROI than any other form of marketing, but it cannot be the be all and end-all of your marketing.

Here’s a few reasons why

  • Email marketing is not the best lead generation tool: Think about it… to email someone you need to have their email… so email marketing is not the first step in your efforts… social media advertising, content marketing, and SEO could attract new leads more effectively… and then be cultivated with email.
  • You can’t email someone until you’ve got their email address (& permission): Building a quality email list demands trust-building and providing value to subscribers
  • Email marketing is not the best (for all businesses) at closing deals: Emails serve to initiate contact, provide information at different stages of the pipeline and facilitate further communication rather than (for some) directly closing sales.
  • For many, Email can get you the “meeting”, but not make the sale:It’s a valuable touchpoint in the customer journey, showcasing your value proposition and moving prospects closer to conversion. However, converting leads into sales often requires personalised communication and strategic follow-up efforts.

Rather than viewing email marketing in isolation, consider how it fits into, complements, and enhances your existing strategies. 

For example, complimenting your email campaigns with social media marketing can increase your reach and engagement

Use insights from your email analytics to adjust your overall marketing approach, this could involve things like audience segmentation, and tailoring content to meet consumer preferences as they change.

Step 3: Technology

To execute successful email marketing campaigns, you need the right tools. 

Well, you need the best tool, (Mailchimp of course)

And you need to understand how that tool works.

Setting up and optimising your tool is just as important.

Understanding your tool’s different features like unsubscribes, preferences, and account settings will not only ensure that your email marketing efforts are compliant but also efficient.

…and then there’s the specifics of how it manages data and sends emails (both broadcast AND automated)… 

If you want to win at email marketing, you need to have a system and KNOW HOW TO USE IT.

Step 4: Strategy

Without a clear strategy in place, your email marketing efforts lack direction and cohesion. You may find yourself grappling with ad-hoc campaigns, inconsistent messaging, and missed opportunities to engage with your audience effectively.

We’re not talking about the why or purpose, we’re talking about the details – the actual emails you’re going to send (isn’t that what email marketing is… sending emails?) 

Start by defining the types of emails you’ll send, whether they’re manual newsletters or automated welcome sequences. 

Then consider the unique needs and preferences of your target audience. What kind of content resonates with them? 

What pain points can your emails address? 

By aligning your messaging with the interests and concerns of your audience, you increase the likelihood of engagement and conversion.

Having a well-defined strategy will give you the power to make informed decisions, adapt to changing circumstances, and capitalise on any emerging opportunities. 

It provides a framework for experimentation and optimisation, enabling you to refine your approach based on real-time feedback and data-driven insights.

Step 5: Data

Data is the lifeblood of email marketing.

By collecting and analysing data such as demographic information, behavioural patterns, purchase history, and engagement metrics, you can then divide your subscriber base into distinct segments with shared characteristics and preferences. 

This segmentation allows for the creation of targeted campaigns that speak directly to the unique needs and interests of each group.

Collecting and storing data ethically empowers you to personalise content and drive engagement. 

At the heart of every effective email marketing campaign lies personalisation. Because nowadays no one wants an impersonal, generic email.. We all just want to be made to feel special.

To unlock that potential, you need Data.

Because without the right data, your emails risk being too general and ineffective.

With data you get clear insights into your subscriber’s behaviours and preferences – Which in turn lets you tailor your content, offers, and recommendations to individual recipients, 

Allowing you to provide an email to your subscribers that not only feels relevant but timely, and valuable too.

Step 6: Optimisation

OK, so you know the emails you want to send, and you’ve got the data to send them… well how do you ensure that the emails actually work as intended?

Optimising each element, from getting the email delivered, subject lines that work and call-to-action buttons that scream “click me” , maximise your chances of success. 

Remember D.O.R.C. – Deliverability, Openability, Readability, and Clickability – and strive to enhance each aspect of your emails to drive desired outcomes.

Step 7: Feedback

Email Marketing is for most a longer-term strategy. You may be able to hit goals if it’s in place, but the biggest wins are over the lifespan of a relationship.

…and so to ensure you’re winning in the long term, you need to learn and adapt.

You need regularly analyse key metrics, test different approaches, and gain feedback from your audience.

Small steps, small changes, big success.

By understanding what resonates with your subscribers you can then refine your strategies and deliver more impactful campaigns over time.

“The Chimp Answers 7 Step Email Marketing Framework”

By following these seven steps – you lay the groundwork for successful email marketing campaigns. With a clear sense of purpose, strategic alignment, and a data-driven approach, your chances of email marketing success increase exponentially.

Email marketing isn’t just about sending emails; it’s about building relationships, driving action, and delivering value to your audience. By mastering these fundamental steps, you unlock the full potential of email marketing as a powerful tool for business growth and engagement.

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Liz Seymour

Liz Seymour

Queen Chimp Of Marketing

Cheesy as it sounds, Liz is the biz when it comes to  Mailchimp & Email Marketing.

She's worked in Marketing for around 20 years when she went to uni and studied Multimedia Technology…That's where her love affair with all things Marketing began. 

Since then she has worked for household names such as Wickes, The Rank Group, Nuffield Health, Snappy Snaps and Marriot. Not to mention a great variety of businesses and agencies.

Here at Chimp Answers she deals with all things Marketing focusing on the Content and Copywriting side of things such as Blog posts, Emails and landing pages. Liz is Certified in Direct-Response Copywriting, Google Digital Marketing Fundamentals,Hubspot Inbound Marketing,Hubspot Social Media and Mailchimp Foundations.

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    I Agree , Email marketing transforms from a routine task to a strategic powerhouse, driving business growth and fostering meaningful engagement.


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