New to Mailchimp

…to get you started off on the right foot

Start as you mean to go on

If you’re reading this, then you’ve recently started on your Mailchimp journey, and are wondering how to ensure you get on to the right track as soon as possible and not make fundamental mistakes that will cause you issues down the line.

Here at Chimp Answers, we’ve helped hundreds of organisations take their first steps with Mailchimp, ensuring they build solid foundations for their email activity and have a clear plan of how to develop things into the future.

No matter if you’re looking to get started yourself, or need someone to do it for you, we’ve the answers you’re looking for.

Many people starting out with Mailchimp want to learn how to do things themselves, and so we’ve got extensive free & paid for training, to get you on the right track:

  • Our Mailchimp Foundations Webinar is a FREE 2 hour introduction into Mailchimp and how to get off on the right foot.
  • To really get moving in the right direction, our full day Kickstart Mailchimp training course can’t be beaten – it covers all the key elements you need to start out on the right path.
  • For those who want to learn at their own pace, the Chimp Academy provides videos and access to live Q&A sessions where you can get answers to your own questions.

We also offer bespoke 121 Mailchimp training if you want that personal touch and get insights tailored to your own situation.

…or if you just want someone to take care of the set up so you don’t have to, we can set up your account for you as required, and then help run it for you moving forward.

No matter where you’re starting from, you want to make sure you are on the right track – we’ve seen too many Mailchimp accounts who’ve started off down the wrong path and require complete Rehabilitation to get them working effectively again

…and this is why we offer services and training bespoke to those new to Mailchimp – a solid foundation is the best way to start on the right track.

Why Choose Chimp Answers?

Here’s 3 key reasons why you should consider Chimp Answers as your best partner to help you develop and grow your email marketing activity

Certified and Approved by Mailchimp

We were one of the first 10 Mailchimp Pro Partners and have achieved all of Mailchimp’s certifications.

We’re Marketers as well as Chimps

Although we can’t deny we know Mailchimp intimately, first and foremost we’re marketers and bring years of experience to the table every project we’re involved in.

Our clients love us

We’ve glowing reviews and feedback from our clients on their experience in working with us.

These certifications are issued by Mailchimp. Only use fully certified and approved Mailchimp partners

Here’s some of the ways we can help you get more from Mailchimp and do it the right way.

Mailchimp Foundations

…for when you want to learn how to get started on the right foot

We all need to start somewhere, dip our toe in the water and get confident before we plunge in – and getting to grips with Mailchimp is no different.

…and we also want to make sure we’re not starting down a path that may lead us astray the further we go, which will lead to extra time and cost as we navigate back to the right path.

The Mailchimp Foundations course is a 2 hour webinar focused on getting you on the right path in how you use Mailchimp and ensuring that as you develop and do more, you’ll avoid the common pitfalls and problems on the path.

Nowadays. there is no excuse not being able to find the Mailchimp answers you need. A quick search on Google or Youtube brings up lots of answers to specific questions.

The problem comes when you need an overall view about the right way to do Mailchimp. That’s much harder because there are so many elements involved: strategy, data capture & storage, email design… where do you learn how to connect it all together in one go?

The Kickstart Mailchimp course is a focused day of training on getting your Mailchimp system set up the right way, delivered by one of the worlds leading Mailchimp experts.

Kickstart Mailchimp

…for when your need help accelerating forward with Mailchimp

The Chimp Academy

…for insights and advice on making the most of Mailchimp

How do you do Mailchimp the right way? How do you learn the tricks, tips and shortcuts that the professionals use to create seamless Mailchimp systems?…and how do you do it in a cost effective way that doesn’t leave you pennyless and non-the-wiser?

If you’re looking for a budget friendly way to get to grips with Mailchimp then you should consider joining the Chimp Academy and getting access to the best Mailchimp support and training without breaking the bank.

Trying to solve issues that you know need to be addressed in your account, but not sure the best way to do this? Got a few burning questions you just need answered, but not clear on where you can get the insights you need?

If you need specific advice and insights on your account that can only be delivered by Mailchimp & email marketing experts, then a tailored 121 Mailchimp training session will give you the answers you’re looking for.

121 Mailchimp Training

…for insights and advice tailored to your situation

Building a new Mailchimp Account

…for when you need your new account set up the right way

When you’re just starting out with Mailchimp, how can you ensure that you’re building things off the right way? How do you ensure you’ve a solid foundation and you’re set up to take things to the next level (and not making mistakes that’ll cost you down the line)?

If you’re starting out with Mailchimp and just want someone to set up your account the right way, create email templates and set up a basic email marketing system for your organisation, we can take care of it for you.

Even though Mailchimp is pretty easy to use, there are times when you just need someone to manage it for your organisation, taking care of general account maintenance and sending the campaigns to get the results you need. You need a Mailchimp Fairy Godmother.

If you’re looking for someone to do it all, run your Mailchimp account for you, ensure it’s operating at high efficiency and effectiveness and get your campaigns out on time to the right people and looking good, Chimp Answers may be your (excuse the pun) Answer!

Ongoing Mailchimp Support

…for when you need it all done for you, like magic!

Free Mailchimp Support

…for when you need quick Mailchimp Answers without paying through the nose

No matter what level you’re at when it comes to Mailchimp, there are always those nagging little things you need to get an answer to – but you aren’t sure they’re worth paying for someone to help you out with.

How can you find the answers you need without paying through the nose for them?.. and be sure that the person you’re listening to actually knows what they’re talking about!

Chimp Answers have one of the largest free resources for Mailchimp Answers on the internet and as certified Pro Partners and Experts, you can be sure we know what we’re talking about.

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