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About the Facebook Group

At last, somewhere I can ask questions about MailChimp and get answers that are really helpful. Robin runs a great group, sharing some great tips and his regular live streaming videos are well worth tuning into. I am an experienced MailChimp user and this group is helping me increase my skills even further

Julia Elgar

Owner, Just Ask Julia

I’m fairly new to MailChimp and have found the support in this group invaluable. I posted a problem and within an hour Robin had very kindly uploaded a tutorial video with clear step by step instructions solving my dilemma. Don’t know where else you can get that level of service from!

Reading posts from other, more experienced, group members has given me an insight into what can be achieved through MailChimp and I look forward to increasing my knowledge and experience with Robin’s live videos. This group is a must for all MailChimps users regardless if you’re a novice or an expert.

Carol Connor

About InHouse Training

We asked Robin to run a basic MailChimp training course for local businesses, giving them some background and an introduction to the tool. The 3 hour sessions have been brilliantly received by those attending, and they’ve left with skills and knowledge that they have been able to apply straight away.

We’ve run 5 individual courses so far over the last 12 months and have plans to run more throughout the year. Robin’s understanding of MailChimp and his marketing background make him an ideal person to help small businesses navigate the software and understand how to use it for their business, and this has been reflected in the feedback for the courses.

Anne Dawson

Manager, Southern Entrepreneurs

About Remote Support

A one hour session over Skype really helped me get my head around what I should be doing with MailChimp. Robin knows MailChimp, but he knows Marketing too, which meant every nugget was based on how to develop my business using email, not purely on the technical aspects of MailChimp

Wayne Trice

Owner, Magic in a Trice

Robin was extremely helpful, making everything really simple and yet highly effective. Our business is functioning better down to the advice Robin gave us.

Jenna Hynd

Owner, Aveling Adventure

About Workshops

I had registered for a Mailchimp account a year ago and done nothing with it as I didn’t know where to start and this course has given me enough knowledge to start taking my email campaigns seriously.

Theresa Charlton

Business Owner, T Associates Limited

Robin delivered an amazing course on how to use Mailchimp Effectively. I attended expecting to hear things I already knew. Thankfully, I could not have been more wrong. Robin was extremely well prepared for the session and has a great rapport with the group. He got right into the important things that i and I'm sure many others missed when setting up their accounts. He was more than happy to divert from the course content to ensure that he answered any questions that were thrown at him. I am hoping to implement as much as possible that I have learnt from him. I just wish I could listen to his wisdom every day. I would definitely recommend that if you have the opportunity to listen to Robin, you should grab it with both hands.

Damian McGill

Partner, Pauley Business Services

About 121 Sessions

Robin popped round for a day's intensive private session to help me move my Mail Chimp from an ad hoc messy thing into a finely honed precision machine that I may be able to sell on to team mates.

We worked really well together, got the outline worked out and structure in place. Robin has assisted with a few bits when I got stuck working on my own. Highly delighted with the results. Thanks Robin!

Dave Goodman

Owner, Clever Little Pig

I thought the whole session was excellent. We covered more than I thought we would and Robin took time to understand my business, my capabilities and what I wanted to achieve. He made it easy for me to follow and the practical run throughs were brilliant. I really did learn something that will be valuable to my business.

Amanda Rees

Owner, Bumpalicious Maternity

Robin knows his stuff on emails and marketing… he got me moving in the right direction quickly and accelerated my knowledge

Ash Taylor

Business Owner, The Implementation Coach

We started working with Robin to understand whether we could build a complete Marketing System combining MailChimp and our existing CRM system.  As a car retailer, effective and prompt communication is essential, and understanding where people are in the buying process is very important in the messages we send out.  Robin’s understanding and knowledge of MailChimp was essential in knowing what could be achieved with the systems, which is much more than we originally thought possible, and his marketing knowledge helped us develop a very clear and effective marketing system.  Our first marketing emails went out and generated the sale of 2 cars, which is a massive payback on the investment and proof that the system works.  If you’re not sure about whether MailChimp can deliver for your business, have a chat with Robin, we did and it’s paid off brilliantly.

Emma Crosby

Marketing Manager, Creation Flooring

Where it is natural that any delegate to a Mailchimp course wants to be able to send an email, Robin's approach is far more strategic and really challenges you to think about the best approach to manage your email list, how data reaches your mailchimp list, and then moves forward as to what emails are to be sent to this list and then how to craft that mail. Such an approach goes well beyond expectations.

Andrew Nash

Owner, Sussex Promotions

It was great to deal with someone who not only understood the Mailchimp side of things but who also was in tune with what I wanted to achieve and who was on the same wavelength as me with regards to the needs of my business.

Angela Croall

Owner, Angels Locks

About Advanced Workshops

Robin is a man of his word. He promised an in depth hands on course and he delivered. Packed full of actionable detail its just the thing if you want to run automated campaigns using Mailchimp.

John Orr

Owner, Costume Hire Direct

If you are using MailChimp to simply send emails you are missing a trick, so I highly recommend attending Advanced MailChimp Training, Robin will show you how to take your email marketing to the next level. Chances are your competitors are not doing this, so you should be!

Nicola MacDonald

Owner, Attractive Marketing

I have used MailChimp for many years, but have always been conscious I'm not making the most of a lot of functionality. I found the Advanced Course hugely helpful. It was very well paced and there was lots of great content.

If you're already a MailChimp user, this training really takes you to the next level. It shows you what is possible, so you'll have all the tools, and it is just your imagination that hinders you!

I'd be very happy to recommend Robin and this course.

Nicky Parker

Owner, Bang Consulting

The advanced mailchimp course is fantastic! From the pre-course materials right through to the after support - it'll be one of the most productive ways to spend a day away from your business!

The course takes you through the complications of mailchimp step by step and Robin is extremely patient in ensuring that every one understands each step before moving on.

A great day, I couldn't recommend it enough!

Charlotte Quatrine

Graduate Marketing Executive, The Office Genie

About Kickstart Workshops

Robin taught me how to use MailChimp in an excellent training day yesterday. His approach is very relaxed and friendly and he shows tremendous amounts of patience to ensure the group fully understands the content. Having no knowledge of MailChimp before the session, I have come away fully confident that I can now use it! This is all down to Robin's excellent training! Thank you!

Jennifer Abdou

Partner, Mojen Projects

Robin’s Kickstart MailChimp course was exactly what I needed – while it was very hands on and enabled me to get my MailChimp account set up properly and send an e-mail, he also explained the importance of the bigger picture of marketing and where e-mail marketing fits into that, what MailChimp can and can’t do and what the terminology means. This has been hugely helpful in making the process easy to understand and helping get straight to all the useful, need to know stuff, rather than me spending hours trying to work it out and not getting very far. A great investment in time and money, thank you.

Judith Massey

Owner, The People House HR

Robin is very personable and as he does not rattle through the training and is clear in his messages, there is little danger of leaving you confused!

Melinda McDougall

Owner, Purple Swan Limited

The training was great, I'm so glad I booked, while it seems simple enough to set-up there are so many features that aren't obvious that Robin has opened my eyes too. Very excited with the potential!!

Andrew Nash

Managing Director, Sussex Promotions