The Clickability Strategy: Elevate your Email Game

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“See, I told you, we should have read the article first so we can make our emails more clickable… ”

Aug 18, 2023

This is gonna be a good one…you think to yourself as you hit send and hope for the best.

…Because, after all, you’ve spent the best part of your morning composing an absolute email masterpiece.

The Subject line is sensational

The copy is compelling

The design is delightful…

Well, at least that’s what you thought. Because as the hours turn into days, you find yourself staring disappointedly at the low click which..well, stays low.

Frustrating right?

But what if we told you there’s a little-known strategy that can transform your email clickability from dull to desirable?

…And it simply starts with making tiny, consistent changes.

Keep reading as we share this strategy as well as guide you through the ‘atomic’ adjustments you can make in every part of your next email campaign that can make a mega impact, taking your clickability to new heights.


Small habits big success

Ever heard of the phrase ‘Atomic Habits’ ? It’s all about building habits, small ones.

When you build these small habits, improvement may not be immediately apparent but it can have a significant impact over time, especially since the benefits accumulate.

Just as habits compound over time,.small improvements in various aspects of our email marketing campaigns can lead to higher click rates.

Instead of fixating on major transformations or solutions, it may be more effective to concentrate on the small details and strive for ongoing progress.

Think about it.

Every subject line you tweak, every button colour you adjust, every word you write…

All of it contributes to the overall click success of your campaigns.

Here’s 9 small tweaks you can make to increase your clickability rate.

Small improvements like this can have a significant impact on your email campaign’s success, especially when these changes are combined – and the further “upstream” you make changes, the more things multiply!.


 1: Subject Line Precision

Your subject line can make or break your email. And to engage with your email, readers need to open it first.– so make sure you’re investing time in crafting great subject lines.

Small change: Make your subject line relevant to the content within your email and ensure it can pique the reader’s interest by using personalisation, urgency, curiosity or benefit driven language.

Result: Improved open rates due to heightened curiosity, setting the stage for higher click-through rates.

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 2: Compelling Preheader Text


Small Change: Your preheader text should compliment the subject line and give additional context about the email’s content

.Result: Enhances the email’s intrigue, further motivating recipients to open and explore.

3: Clear Call-to-Action (CTA)


Small change: Make sure your CTA is precise and prominent. Make it clear to the recipient what action they should take and why. Such as “Shop Now,” “Learn More,” or “Get Started.”

Result: Encourages more clicks on the desired action.

4: Concise and Scannable Content


Small change: Help your readers quickly and easily understand your content by using short paragraphs. Utilise bullet points, dividers, bold text and subheadings to make the email easily scannable.

Use eye-catching visuals which can help break up the text and make the email more appealing.

Result: Enhances readability, allowing recipients to quickly grasp the email’s value.

 5: Segmentation for Relevance


Small Change: Segment your email list based on demographics, preferences, or behaviours. Send targeted content to specific groups.

Result: Increases relevancy, making the email content more tailored and appealing to each segment. More relevance equals more clicks.

6: Mobile Optimisation


Small change: Considering a large portion of us open emails on our mobile devices, it’s crucial that your email is responsive and displays well on different devices.

Result: Catering to all recipients improves accessibility and encourages more clicks.

 7: A/B Testing Variations


Small Change: A/B Test your campaigns and measure your results to see what works best for your audience. You can test and experiment with lots of different elements such as your subject lines, CTAs, visuals, and content.

Result: Data-driven insights will lead to optimised elements, ultimately boosting click-through rates.

8: Consistent Sending Schedule


Small change: Establish a consistent sending schedule that aligns with recipient expectations. Send too many emails, and you’ll end up spam. Send at the wrong time, and people might miss your message.Remember there isn’t a special formula or approach to email frequency and timing so experiment to determine what works best.

Result: Builds anticipation, trust and a routine, increasing the likelihood of recipients clicking through.

9: Social Media Integration


Small Change: Include social media buttons or icons to encourage recipients to connect with you on other platforms.

Result: Expanding your reach, creating a broader online presence, and driving more clicks to explore your content.


Final Thoughts

In the world of email marketing, success is a mixture between precision and progress. By harnessing the potential of small changes, you can unveil a realm of possibilities that can reshape your email campaigns from the ground up.

Each adjustment you make, no matter how small, contributes to the larger end picture of engagement and connection between you and your recipients.

Remember, it’s not about seeking a single change but rather about making subtle improvements that, over time, yield remarkable results.

So as you consider your subject lines, preheader text, CTAs, content, segmentation, mobile optimisation, A/B testing, consistency, and social integration, keep in mind that the magic lies in the details.

It’s about the culmination of your efforts, one incremental change at a time, that will propel your email campaigns to a place of amazing click-through success.

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