xxxOn the hunt for effective Mailchimp Training?

Mailchimp training can be found in a variety of different flavours…

There are loads of free YouTube videos you can pore over endlessly looking for the answers to your own questions.

You can jump onto fiverr and find someone who claims to be a Mailchimp expert… but who’s profile doesn’t tell the full story.

…You can even find a Mailchimp Partner (and please… if you’re looking for training – at the least ensure the business you choose is at least a Mailchimp Partner) to help you get the answers you need.

Or… you could get you and your team trained by a business that aren’t just Mailchimp Pro Partners (with all available certifications), but who are just as focused on Marketing and doing Mailchimp the right way…

I know which option I’d choose…

Why Chimp Answers has you covered (and more) when it comes to Mailchimp Training

These certifications are issued by Mailchimp. Only use fully certified and approved Mailchimp partners

121 Mailchimp Training

…for insights and advice tailored to your situation

Trying to solve issues that you know need to be addressed in your account, but not sure the best way to do this? Got a few burning questions you just need answered, but not clear on where you can get the insights you need?

If you need specific advice and insights on your account that can only be delivered by Mailchimp & email marketing experts, then a tailored 121 Mailchimp training session will give you the answers you’re looking for.

Getting everyone on the same page when it comes to Mailchimp in your organisation isn’t always as easy as you think it could be. How do you ensure everyone’s on the same page & got the right understanding of how your Mailchimp account is set up?

If you need tailored insights and advice to your team or a group of users, then we can support you with bespoke Group Mailchimp Training, built around the way that you use Mailchimp and delivered to ensure your team is always working the right way. 

Group Mailchimp Training

…for training sessions for groups & organisations

Mailchimp Foundations

…for when you want to learn how to get started on the right foot

We all need to start somewhere, dip our toe in the water and get confident before we plunge in – and getting to grips with Mailchimp is no different.

…and we also want to make sure we’re not starting down a path that may lead us astray the further we go, which will lead to extra time and cost as we navigate back to the right path.

The Mailchimp Foundations course is a 2 hour webinar focused on getting you on the right path in how you use Mailchimp and ensuring that as you develop and do more, you’ll avoid the common pitfalls and problems on the path.

Nowadays. there is no excuse not being able to find the Mailchimp answers you need. A quick search on Google or Youtube brings up lots of answers to specific questions.

The problem comes when you need an overall view about the right way to do Mailchimp. That’s much harder because there are so many elements involved: strategy, data capture & storage, email design… where do you learn how to connect it all together in one go?

The Kickstart Mailchimp course is a focused day of training on getting your Mailchimp system set up the right way, delivered by one of the worlds leading Mailchimp experts.

Kickstart Mailchimp

…for when your need help accelerating forward with Mailchimp

Supercharge Mailchimp

…for when you need more advanced Mailchimp training

If you’re been using Mailchimp for a while, chances are you know most of the good stuff.  You’ve been sending campaigns, managing and capturing data and feel you’re “on top of things” – but how do you really step things up?

The Supercharge Mailchimp course is a day’s focused training on all the next level things you can do with Mailchimp, from advanced data capture and management, through dynamic templates to how to set up and run automations effectively.

If you want to really step it up with Mailchimp, look no further than the Supercharge Mailchimp course. 

How do you do Mailchimp the right way? How do you learn the tricks, tips and shortcuts that the professionals use to create seamless Mailchimp systems?…and how do you do it in a cost effective way that doesn’t leave you pennyless and non-the-wiser?

If you’re looking for a budget friendly way to get to grips with Mailchimp then you should consider joining the Chimp Academy and getting access to the best Mailchimp support and training without breaking the bank.

The Chimp Academy

…for insights and advice on making the most of Mailchimp