No idea how to stay in the email ring for 2023?

Not sure how to land that killer punch

Maybe you need… 

The Knock Out Email Marketing Webinar

A FREE, 60 minute webinar focusing getting you ready to win the email championship belt in your sector.

2023 is going to be a 12 round slugfest that only the strong will survive… 

There is no doubt that the coming year is going to be a tough one… the economic forecasts aren’t looking great – and only the strong are going to survive.

Knock Out Email Marketing will get you on the right path and help you develop the foundations and plans you need to beat the rest and end the year holding that championship belt above your head…

…and not flat on your back seeing stars as the referee counts you out.

Join us for 60 minutes of insights and advice on turning your email marketing into a heavy weight champion.

It’s going to get tough out there – make sure you’re the one left standing with your arms in the air.

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The Rules

How email marketing works in 2023


Your Focus for the coming year

Set Up

Having the right foundations


Start Right

How to kick off the year in style

Is your email marketing “ring ready” for 2023?

Email marketing is still the heavyweight champion of the world, when it comes to ROI… but are you dominating your weight category or just making up the numbers?

If you’ve not already started then planning your email marketing for 2023 should be something you’re looking at as soon as you can… but where do you start?

  • What are the key things you need to account for in 2023?
  • Have you got the right foundations to build from?
  • What should be your overall plan for the year?
  • …and how can you start off on the right foot?

Email marketing is constantly changing, so how can you ensure you’re in the right place to take advantage of things for 2023?

“Your welcome emails are working, you just need a sales email to finish him off”

Excited woman with a letter | Mailchimp Top Tips

“He never stood a chance when he was focusing only on the open rate”

Without planning you’ll be missing out on huge opportunities for the coming year… and without the right knowledge of what’s going on in the marketplace, you could end up missing your punch and taking far too many body blows.

What’s the best way to make sure your email set up is fighting fit and ready to take on the challengers in 2023?

…the Knock Out Email Marketing Webinar.

In 60 minutes we’ll cover the key steps you need to be taking to get your email marketing ready for 2023, some of the changes that are impacting email, as well as the key foundational steps.

…and we’ll give you some ideas of things you can do now to ensure you’re on the front foot when the bell rings to start 2023.

So if your looking for inspiration, advice and tips on making the most of your email marketing in 2023… 

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Your Webinar Host

Your Knock Out Email Marketing webinar is hosted by the Chimpmaster General –
Robin Adams.

With over 11 years experience of working with Mailchimp & Email Marketing and over 30 years of insights from working in all types of Marketing & Sales organisations, Robin brings a unique combination of Geek and Marketer to the table, with an understanding of the software involved and how to get it working AND the marketing you need to turn emails into profit.

Through Chimp Answers, one of the world’s leading Mailchimp Training and Education providers, Robin has trained hundreds of business owners on the right way to do Mailchimp & Email Marketing.

…and Chimp Answers practices what they preach – only using Mailchimp for their own email marketing – pushing the system all the time to get the maximum benefit.

All this means that you can be 100% confident that our training courses are jam packed with up to date information, tips and resources, to ensure you have all the knowledge to start doing Mailchimp & Email Marketing the right way.

“Email Marketing is still the best for ROI, but only if you know how to use it effectively!”

One of the most used quotes in the marketing world is that “Email gives the best ROI”… and even though we all may be getting bored with it – it still holds true.

The issue is that the statement is not universal.  Yes, there are some businesses that are killing it with email – but there are far too many who aren’t and are missing out on the ROI that they should be getting.

The Knock Out Email Marketing Webinar is focused purely on helping those people – the ones who know that they could be squeezing more out of the email, but are don’t know where and how to do it.

In 60 packed minutes, we’ll cover some of the key things you need to have in place as a foundation and also some of the changes that are taking place which you need to account for in your activity.

You’ll leave with a hitlist of actions that you can use to drive your email marketing forward in 2023.

Robin Adams

Founder & Owner, Chimp Answers

What previous clients had to say

Chimp Answers were just amazing to work with! They listened to my request with full attention and understood my business's processes throughly. This really helped come up with a plan of deliverables with ease! They are email marketing champions and knows the mailchimp platform intimately. Best part is that they are always available to chat and always gets back to you in time. They helped our company build an automated email system that is a huge part of our Marketing and Sales cycle. Thank you Chimp Answers!!

Karan Singh

Founder, Optimal Homes

Definitely has tons of value.

I was able to make immediate changes to my website with landing pages and pop-ups that have assisted in my acquiring more names & email addresses in my database.

Liz Tommasino

Owner, It's All in the Details, LLC.

Where it is natural that any delegate to a Mailchimp course wants to be able to send an email, Robin's approach is far more strategic and really challenges you to think about the best approach to manage your email list, how data reaches your mailchimp list, and then moves forward as to what emails are to be sent to this list and then how to craft that mail. Such an approach goes well beyond expectations.

Andrew Nash

Owner, Sussex Promotions

Webinar Details

The Knock Out Email Marketing Webinar is 60 minutes of insights, advice and tips on making 2023 your best year yet for email marketing.

Rule Changes

The world of email marketing is continuing to evolve – we’ll keep you abreast of the key things that matter along with how you can use them to your advantage.

A Good Cornerman

Having someone in your corner to take care of the right stuff while you’re in the ring is key to success.  How can you set up your system to do the stuff you need ongoing, allowing you to focus on the growth.


Bag Work

You’ve got to put in the hours on the bag to build those core skills. Understanding the fundamentals of email marketing and what it takes to be successful – we’ll give you the foundations of strategy on which to build your email plans.

Dominating from the Bell

2023 is just around the corner and you want to come out fighting, so what can you do now to get you ahead of everyone else? Hit the ground running with some ideas of things to do now which will bear fruit when the clocks hit midnight on the end of 2022.

Robin knows his stuff on emails and marketing… he got me moving in the right direction quickly and accelerated my knowledge

Ash Taylor

Business Owner, The Implementation Coach

Robin is very personable and as he does not rattle through the training and is clear in his messages, there is little danger of leaving you confused!

Melinda McDougall

Owner, Purple Swan Limited

“…start getting some real results…“

I’ve known Robin & Chimp Answers for many years and behind the enthusiastic, fun and engaging personality hides the mind of a very smart, skilful and knowledgable marketing expert.

He not only understands the bigger picture and how everything fits together, but has the skills, knowledge and technical ability to actually get sh*t done for you.

So, if you are feeling frustrated wasting your time and money on bad and ineffective marketing and want to start getting some real results from your spend, then I would suggest you think seriously about working with Robin & Chimp Answers.

Stuart Morrison

Founder, Mister Metric

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Plus all attendees will receive a copy of the slide deck to refer back to and use as they develop their plans for the coming year. 

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 If you’re not sure where to start for 2023,

or worried you’ve got off on the wrong foot,

this 60 minute session will give you everything you need to get yourself ready and fighting fit for the coming year.

"I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else for Mailchimp help"

We’ve worked with Chimp Answers in the past, setting up forms and autoresponders for our website, and recently had the opportunity to set up a booth at a virtual conference and wanted to capture and communicate with enquiries.

Robin was able to quickly understand the best route to get the data captured into Mailchimp and then helped set up the automated emails that would flow out to our clients - allowing us to concentrate on the conference itself.

Efficient and Responsive, with a clear understanding of Mailchimp and the best way to use it in the real world, Chimp Answers are always on speed-dial when it comes to supporting our marketing efforts with Mailchimp.

Kim Marlor

Owner, KMA Accountancy

Doing Mailchimp the Right Way since 2011

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