We all know how important video is nowadays with our marketing, whether it’s YouTube, Facebook live or just some videos in your website.

Using MailChimp to distribute your video is great as people LOVE clicking on videos in emails.

Here’s a few things to remember if you are using MailChimp to send out videos…

  • Remember, you don’t attach videos to an email… you ’embed’ them.  You don’t want to ‘send’ them a video, merely send them a link to where they can watch it – usually YouTube.  So if you have got a video you want to send them, best to put into a hosting package… like YouTube and then send them the link.
  • MailChimp makes it easy to send out links to videos… You can either just get the embed code which YouTube provides and paste it in as a ‘link’, or even better, you can ’embed’ the video and display an image of it which people can click.
    • To do this… if you are using a template you add a new video block into the table

  • There is only one problem with this… sometimes MailChimp doesn’t put the big play icon on the image that is created… which means people don’t know it’s a video (and thus don’t click!)
  • To get around this – you need to just drop a video merge tag in… using the video code from YouTube… you can use this code to embed your video AND get the play icon.

Having the play icon visible is a big reason why people will click…

(and to prove it – here’s my favourite song ever with a big play icon on it!  Enjoy!)

Watch the Video

You can also change how the video looks with additional references, so the title doesn’t show… or the reviews won’t be listed…

You can learn all about embedding videos in the MailChimp support article here.